F3 Dads Presents the Be There Dad Workshop

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http://betheredad.org @F3Dad Workshop, Sponsored by @F3Foundation

12 Pax of the @F3Metro Nation attended the 1st Be There Dad workshop at MMOB’s Northwestern Mutual offices in Southpark. In advance of the June 13th kickoff of F3Dad workouts with 2.0’s, MMOB wanted to host Be There Dad founder Jeff Usher. Jeff’s a lawyer, author, coach and founder of Be There Dad. One of the passions he followed after coaching over 50+ youth teams was a trend he was seeing: that Dad’s of all backgrounds & up bringing needed some help. Men, he found, were seeking fellowship and wanted to have a “man to man” conversation.

The Thang:

Jeff challenged the PAX with a fundamental question? Do we have a plan for our kids? If the answer is, “it’s in my head” it is simply not enough. Digging deeper in conversation amongst the Pax, we discussed the “end product” we all want as our children cross that graduation stage in high school or college. Jeff used the symbol of the “backpack” to illustrate his point. “When your kids get to that age, what will they have accumulated in their “backpack for life” and training to be young adults?” The call to action for all in the room is that as our kids get older, tough stuff is coming (drugs, alcohol, and rock-n-roll) If we’re waiting someday or think that “we’ll get around to being a better father when (insert the excuse), then it could be too late. Bottom line: be there ….but be there and be present. In many respects, our children (of all ages) spell love: T I M E!

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