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F3 Boondocks

F3 is expanding again! It seems the recent foray into the Mint Hill area has brought several East Charlotte pax out of their holes in the boondocks.  It appears a bunch of us have been posting in different AOs for quite some time never knowing about each other’s existence.  We have decided it is time for time East Charlotte to have its own AO. We’re calling it the Boondocks. Here’s what we will do and when:


Harrisburg and Mint Hill AOs will serve as the “FOB” (Forward Operating Bases) for expansion efforts and other CSAUP activities.

  • Harrisburg has bootcamp workouts at “The Ridge” (Hickory Ridge High School) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0530, and “The Rail Yard” (Harrisburg Park) on Saturdays at 0700.
  • Mint Hill has bootcamp workouts at “The Vet” (Veteran’s Memorial Park) on Mondays and Wednesdays at 0530.  Mint Hill officially launches June 13th at 0700.

First Boondocks Workout(s):

  • Exploratory bootcamp workouts will begin Tuesday, May 19th, at Hickory Grove Baptist Church on Harris Boulevard and Hickory Grove Road from 0530-0615.
  • Official Launch Date: TBD, but goal is Summer 2015.  We need enough pax and Qs to ensure a successful launch.

 Target AO Coverage/Expansion:

  • East Charlotte between Harris Boulevard, Rocky River Road, I485, and Albemarle Road
  • Possible Workout Locations: Reedy Creek Park, Northridge Middle School, Reedy Creek Elementary, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Hickory Grove Elementary, and JH Gunn Elementary.

Get involved & refer men:  

  1. HC (Hard Commit) and/or send contact info of potential FNGs to f3boondocks@gmail.com.
  2. Follow @F3Boondocks on Twitter.
  3. Volunteer to help out with planning and implementation of F3 Boondocks. Email f3boondocks@gmail.com

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