8 is enough

Warmup: 20 x SSH (IC), 20 x Mountain Climbers (IC), 10 x Cotton Pickers (IC)


Thang: 8 station workout around the ASEC campus with a partner (At Your On Pace)

  1. 8 – Manmakers
  2. 8 – Partner Derkins
  3. 8 – squared (64) LBCs
  4. 8 – 8 count body builders
  5. 8 – Partner Tire Flips (Each person does 8 flips rotating)
  6. 8 – Total Reverse and Forward Bear Crawls up & down back hill
  7. 8 – Picnic Table Weaves
  8. 8 – Balls to Wall – 8 squared seconds with a hand step every 8 seconds

The group mostly completed 1 ½ cycles

Mary:  KGB Twists x 30, Brazilians x 20 (IC), Controlled Merkins x 10 (with a 8 second pause at bottom on each), Upward Dawg


Moleskin:  Workout overall was a success although we bottlenecked a little at tires and the bear crawl hill.  Q needs to rethink the picnic table weaves those are more difficult when you don’t have a 5’ 9 frame.  Psycho T rocked those.  First entry of the Atlanta F3 learned exercise “8 count body builders” was a good workout.  Also the speed at which the tire flips could be done as a team make me think of other great Q possibilities.  Hipbone stated “just got used to bear crawls now I have to do them backwards?”  Bear Crawls were a should shreader for sure but like that entire PAX was able to fight thru in the same group.  Thanks for the opportunity to Q and to workout with you every week.