3rd Annual F3 Camp

For the THIRD straight year F3 Dads is taking over YMCA Camp Thunderbird! Camp will be the weekend of August 14 – 16. We will build on the great success of last year to provide experiences that both you and your 2.0s will never forget. Look for this year to be bigger and better than ever before with more activities, a carnival and cookout on Saturday night, and horseback riding all day!

We will have full run of the camp with all the activities, air-conditioned cabins, and meals prepared by the Y staff. This event is open to everyone from in the #F3Nation from Charlotte to Columbia, Raleigh, Statesville and beyond.

  • WHO: F3 Dads from across the F3Nation and 2.0s of all ages
  • WHAT: Full-on summer camp experience with 2.0s… think: ZIP-LINES / CLIMBING WALLS / ARCHERY & RIFLERY / CANOEING / CAMPFIRES / AND MORE F3 THEMED ACTIVITIES similar to what you get each week at F3 Dads. All fully staffed with YMCA camp counselor. Check out the cable swing
  • WHEN: August 14 – 16 (Arrive on Friday evening (6:00-8:00 and Depart Sunday around noon)
  • WHERE: YMCA Camp Thunderbird (located on Lake Wylie, just south of Charlotte)
  • WHY: 2nd F – Making memories / Building character / FUN
  • HOW MUCH: $89 / person (includes lodging, meals and all the activities)
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Select the proper number of attendees and click the “Buy Now” button via the PayPal form below. ($89/person – includes lodging, meals and all the activities)

Payment Options
2 people $178.00 USD
3 people $267.00 USD
4 people $356.00 USD
5 people $445.00 USD
6 people $534.00 USD


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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Halfpipe and Blackjack



82 thoughts on “3rd Annual F3 Camp

      1. Sweet Caroline

        WHAT TO BRING:

        EVERYONE Must Bring Items for SMORES:
        ■Box of marsh mellows
        ■Box of Hershey bars
        ■Box of Graham Crackers

        Recommended List:
        ■Sleeping bag or blanket and sheet
        ■One or two pairs of close-toed shoes
        ■Daily changes of socks and underwear
        ■Heavy and light shirts
        ■Shorts for warm weather
        ■Toothpaste and toothbrush
        ■Soap, shampoo
        ■Bath towel and wash cloth
        ■Water bottle
        ■Flash light

        Optional List:
        ■Fishing equipment
        ■Tennis racquet and tennis balls
        ■Insect repellant (non spray type)
        ■Travel Coffee Mug

        This is from year one Preblast

  1. Jolly Roger

    In and paid! Isotope requests the hill.

    Fizzy, my 5 year old went last year and had a great time. I think there may have been some 4 year olds.

  2. Hootie

    HC. Paid. Looking forward to life on the hill with the rest of the MeCa/Isotope crew.

  3. scrappy

    HC as well. I’d pay extra to get a few lifeguards for the pool and the lake. I think my canoe tipped 17 times “accidentally.”

  4. Free Pass

    Free Pass and 2.0 Bowser (7) are HC’ed and request the hill cabins too. If anyone doesn’t want to HC for HCL I recommend avoiding Jolly Roger and the fire pit after the sun goes down.

  5. Halfpipe Post author

    A few guys are asking about the pool. The additional cost to provide lifeguards for a group this large is significant but the real reason is that EVERYONE would have to pass a swim test prior to swimming and it would take hours to accomplish.

    This year we are doubling the horse rides, adding more activities and bringing out a arnival and cookout on Saturday night – will be biggest and best year to date!!

  6. scrappy

    Aye Halfpipe. That sounds like a logistical nightmare. One possible solution would be for PAX and kids to take a swim test at a YMCA prior to the camp to earn a green or yellow arm band.
    See YMCA swim test: http://www.ymcacharlotte.org/programs/youthdevelopment/swimsportsplay/youthswim/test.aspx

    I could spearhead this if you want to see if this is an available option. I would think since Camp Thunderbird is a YMCA camp, that an arm band from a Charlotte club would suffice.

  7. Halfpipe Post author

    We asked about that option specifically and was told that you have to “test” at camp on the premises.

    1. Jolly Roger

      Its all good Halfpipe, but I would like to see some analysis on the relationship between pool closings and kayaks capsized. #whoops 😉

  8. Blindside

    Blindside in with Skittles and Ariel! Round 2! Put us with some of those Lexington SC weirdos!

  9. Ultraman

    In and paid. Please put Carbs and I on the hill with Isotope. Looking forward to it.

  10. TNT

    TNT HC with 2- 2.0s. Good to see that some Isotope/HEAVY bros and Lexington crew will be in attendance!

  11. Starfish

    YHC and my 2.0 @Caviar are HC and paid! BAM and his 2.0 are in too. Who else from the DashPax wants to join in the fun?

  12. Magoo

    Magoo and 2.0 Sparkle are in for another year. Can’t wait. Put us with the Lake Murray?Lexington/Columbia crew

  13. Alf

    In and Paid. Now the kids can slow down on asking: Are we going? Are we going? Are we going? ……
    Thanks Halfpipe and Blackjack for leading the charge here.

  14. Champagne

    In and Paid. Same here Alf my 2.0s have been asking if and when we are going. They are ready for the water slide. Makena aka Swimmer 10, and Reese aka Bubbles 8. Thanks again Halfpipe and Blackjack for what I’m sure will be another great camp.

  15. Blackout

    Blackout in & paid. Let me know if Im not registered, it acted funny when I did it. Me and my 2.0 (Maddie) no F3 name yet. Put is in with Lexington, SC if possible. THANKS!

  16. Snowflake

    In and Paid w 2.0 Red Bull. 3 for 3 and it get’s better every year!
    Can’t repeat this enough: TCLAPS to Halfpipe, Blackjack, and M Halfpipe for all their work on this.

  17. Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk from Lexington is in with (3) 2.0’s. Put us with the Lexington crowd. Thanks for organizing.

  18. Tumbler

    Tumbler and 1 2.0 are paid and HC. Can’t wait! Please put us with the Lexington SC Pax.

  19. Boutique

    Boutique in & paid. 2.0’s Crash (8), Bernstein (6). Looking forward to our 3rd F3 Dads camp!

  20. Subway

    In and paid.


    #Candy has agreed to do FREE mani/pedis on Saturday night!!

    Peace be with you,

    1. Halfpipe Post author

      Just FYI but most cabins will be segmented by sex of child once we break out the regions. Certainly notate in comments if there are specific guys you want to bunk with.

  21. Sweet Caroline

    This is for Chainsaw (Brian Bloom) out of NoCo. Put him on the hill as well with the rest of the NoCo fellas. THanks again for organizing this awesome event.

  22. Turnbuckle

    Turnbuckle is in with 2- 2.0s. Please put us with the Lexington-SC peeps. 1st time for us and really looking forward to it.

  23. Ultraman

    Posted for Tommy Boy Brett Alkins. Please put Tommy Boy on the Isotope hill with his 3 2.0s, Buzz, Deep Sleep, and Mirror man. Thanks

  24. FDIC

    FDIC and two 2.0s, Stilts and Sparkles, are registered and paid. Please put us with Lexington Pax: Blindside, NoShow, and Crapper.

  25. Jolly Roger

    I’m pretty sure 95% of the male population in Lexington will be at F3 Camp. Well done men!

  26. No Show

    No Show and two 2.0s, Castnet and Backflip, are registered and paid. Please put us with Lexington Pax: Blindside, FDIC, and Crapper.

  27. Blackbeard

    Another Isotopian (with 1 son who’s birthday falls on 8/15) in and paid. Would prefer a room with Gnarly Goat (our kids know each other) but any Isotopian (hill?) would be fine if numbers don’t work. Aye!

  28. High Tide

    In and paid.
    Two 2.0’s: boy (15) and girl (12).
    Request cabin with Area 51 pax, if available.
    Looking forward to it.

  29. Yanni

    HC & Registered will be paid up by next week. Accompanied by 2.0’s F3 Queen B, and F3 Tiger Cub. Looking forward to another Great Camp experience with the fellow F3 Dads. Prefer to be placed with F3 Magoo, & F3 OC, along with any other Columbia / Lexington PAX.

  30. H.E.

    H.E. is paid for him and his two 2.0s (girl 8, boy 5). Request Metro Charlotte please. Had a great time last year and my 2.0s have been asking about this camping all year.

    1. H.E.

      H.E. attendance info (paid for three total in my tank crew):
      – Caroline Montgomery (8, “Tank Commander”)
      – Charlie Montgomery (5, “Wrecking Ball”)
      – Tom Montgomery (42, “H.E.”)
      Charlotte Metro cabin please. Thank you!

      1. Lee

        Lee and 2 2.0s (one girl/12, one boy/10) are in and paid for.

        Charlotte Metro.

        T-claps to Halfpipe, Blackjack and others for spearheading.

  31. Rock Thrill

    Rock Thrill and 2.0 Buggy are in.
    Place us with Area 51 or The Fort, please.
    Thanks for organizing!

  32. Chestnut

    Chestnut and 2.0 Walnut are in. Request the Isotope hill. Prefer a cabin with some of other younger 2.0s (Walnut is 6)

  33. Strawberry

    Strawberry and 2.0 Darth Maul in and paid. A51 or SOB cabin please – would like to be in cabin with Big Tuna of A51/SOB.

  34. Gray Ghost

    In and paid!!! Me and the 2.0s, Road Runner and Skittle, are excited! The girls can’t wait to try out the cable swing.

  35. Markup

    In and paid. My 2.0 (Cinnabon) and I are looking forward to this weekend and would like to stay with anyone from the Foothills (Hickory) area.

  36. Snoop

    Three years in a row…Snoop and Triple Threat(12yr Daughter) are IN…request cabin in Subway’s all daughter cabin. Aye!

  37. Chinstrap

    Not sure how i forgot to HC here. Paid and Register back in May. HC for YHC and 1 2.0. I guess i can bunk with those Lexington weirdos again.

  38. Jolly Roger

    Because Landshark has been in F3 for 2+ years and still has not figured out how to get a log in to the website, I will confirm the HC for him and 1 2.0. Put him on the hill with Isotope….if he can find it 😉

  39. Taz

    In and Paid. Me plus my yet to be named 2.0s: daughter (9) and son (7). Request cabin with Markup and Tooth Fairy from F3 Hickory.

  40. Starfish

    Caviar and YHC are looking forward to it. Please put us in a cabin with the other F3Winston-Salem PAX, including @Balco, @BAM and @Burlap.

  41. Bull2

    I’ve been in and paid for a while now. Please put us in w/ Papa John on the hill with the rest of the MECA crew.

    Of course, thank you guys for pulling it all together!

  42. Judge Judy

    First year for my 9 year old girl (“Spunky”) and I! Looking forward to it! We’re the only ones coming from F3 Greenwood. Just curious, what are the cabin arrangements for a father/daughter? Looking forward to a fun weekend!

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