Concord F3 – Bay City Roller’s Maiden Beatdown

Mosey to rehab center lot
SSH – 24x
Cotton pickers – 24x
Hillbillies – 24x
High knees halfway down the lot
Butt kickers the other half
Mosey back to ASEC

The Thang:
-Plank 1m – variations
-Suicide 1x
-Deconstructed Burpees – 10x
Broken down to: 10 squats, 10 squat thrust, 10 merkins, 10 squat thrust, and back up
-Suicide 1x
-Rock Hoppers 10x
-Body Ups 10x
-Mosey around ASEC
Dropping 1 rep each time. Made it down to 7 reps.

-LBC – 20x
-Crunchy Frog – 20x

NakedMan Moleskin-
A beautiful Saturday for picking gravel out of your forearms. 6 PAX rolled out of the fartsack for a rugby inspired beat down complete with blood (Psycho T’s forearm), sweat (err-body) and some crop dusting (courtesy of someone to my right). Thanks to those that joined me in my first Q. It was my pleasure to inflict some pain.

Bay City Roller