F3 Concord – Field Day Fun

1.0 Workout

Short mosey to nearby parking lots with short stops to do:
SSH x 20
Merkins x 20
Soldier Walk
Butt Kickers
Skip Jumps
Merkins x 20
Burpies x 5

The Thang:
Partner up to do a rotation of Field Day games modified to F3 purposes.
Field Day Game – Lap around field, Modified F3 Activity – Run from lower lot to end of upper lot and back. This group was the timer. Groups repeated activities until they returned and then rotated.
Field Day Game – Wheelbarrow race, Modified F3 Activity – Wheelbarrow 1 partner down 10 yards, switch and wheelbarrow back.
Field Day Game – Sack race, Modified F3 Activity – Bunny hop down and back 10 yards.
Field Day Game – Sprint race, Modified F3 Activity – Sprint down and back 25 yards.
Field Day Game – Some kind of random relay, Modified F3 Activity – Bear crawl down 10 yards and crab walk back.
Field Day Game – Tire rolling relay, Modified F3 Activity – Tire flips across parking lot and back.

2.0 workout –

SSH x 20

Squat Jacks x 10

Tap a short lap



AS x 10
Mt Climbers x 10
Scorpion CDD x 10
Rock Hoppers x 10
Stump Jumpers x 10

Rinse and REPEATO with 9, then 8 (WE GOT DOWN TO 3) and then did 8 more squat jacks prior to MARY

SHORT LAP TAKEN after rounds 8 and 5.

While PAX are grinding through the core 5 one PAX is exiled into the TIRE OF DOOM to do one of the 3 following exercises:

1. Walking Derkins around the tire from 12 back to 12
2. Incline walking Merkins around the tire.
3. Walking Windmill Merkins around the tire.

LBC’s x 20
Planks, regular and on each side
Reverse crunches x 20

What a gorgeous morning – Great pax arrived for fun on a beautiful 54 degree morning with a full moon shining on our heads.
Looks like the kids at MPES are enjoying their Field Day here yesterday and today much more than the old folks enjoyed their modified field day this morning.
Great work by all.
Honor and pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen.

This was a core and shoulder grinder and we were all soaking wet with sweat. Great effort from 2.0 PAX. The TIRE OF DOOM was gosh awful. Thats all Im gonna say about that exercise that was invented by the TOTAL PACKAGE (may he heal in peace). Little time for recovery except maybe 15 seconds here or there or when we mosey’d around the lots. As Slaughter likes to say, this is gonna suck but it’l be fun!