Slip and slide

Beautiful morning ~44 degrees 11 faithful gathered for a beatdown


Mosey to WF parking lot

SSH – 20

Mountain climbers – 20

IST – 20

Carolina Dry Docks – 10

Mosey to Mugga Flocka

Brisk pace run to the shelter near the play ground

Step ups – 10

Derkins – 10

Table lifts – 10

Run towards the belly of the beast (whale), on the way slide down the slide (this was a pax favorite)

Sidewinders up and down the hill

Belly of the beast:

People’s chair

Balls to the wall


Mosey up and around to the hill

Bear crawls up

Backwards bear crawls up (courtesy of Slaughter from the Jungle/Mothaship)


Mosey back to the belly of the beast

People’s chair

Balls to the wall

Mosey back to the AO

on the way back slide down the slide (because it’s awesome)


LBC – 20

KGB twists – 20


1. Excellent effort by all, great work Photon

2. Backwards bear crawls are evil, but less so when the grass is cut

3. Keep Nails, TP and Holy cow in mind, all are nursing injuries

4. F2 at the Carolina Ale house tonight for MECA