Pre-Blast: The Coyote 05/16/15 6:00am – 8:am

It started in 2013, did not happen in 2014, but it is making it’s heralded return this year!!

What you ask…The Coyote hosted by the Davidson PAX.

So what is The Coyote? It’s an 8 mile mosey with pain stations about every mile featuring some of Davidson’s finer (and that term is used LOOSELY) Q’s.

Meet on The Village Green, right in front of the town library for a 6:00am launch.

Warm up with Ol’ Ball Coach aka OBC, then it is off we go. The first leg will take us through Davidson where the pain stations will be Q’d by Ranger, Hacker, Chim Chim & Creeper, and Ghengis & OBC. Then it is back to The Green to hydrate before we start the next leg.

Of course, since this is your workout, you can join us here or you can stop here as well. However, if you do drop off here, you may miss the opportunity for an very early morning adult beverage at Summit Coffee (yes, they do serve beer) once the second leg is completed.

For the second leg it is off to Davidson College for a mosey through the cross country trails. The Q’s along the way will be YHC & Mindfreak, Scrum & Shakespeare, Stout & Das Boot, and P’Diddy will have the final Q which will take place on the college track.

Each leg will take approximately an hour and the pain stations will last about 5 minutes each.

Afterwards, we will gather at Summit Coffee for the beloved 2nd F where you can enjoy a nice beverage and nurse those aches caused by the long distance run because we know the Q’s will go easy on the PAX!

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