F3-Concord – What is an asymptote?

A curve on a graph that approaches a line but never crosses it.

appetizer –
(parking lot drills)
Goose Steps
High knees
Butt kickers

SSH 10x
ISTs 10x
Cotton Pickers 10x
Merkins 10x

Entre –
mosey to hill 218 (hospital)
Six stations from highest to lowest point along ridge
Station 1 – run up hill, 4 bridge lifts at top
Station 2 – run down and up hill, 4 LBCs at top
Station 3 – Grab two 25lb gravel bags walk down hill, then up backwards, 4 merkins at top
Station 5 – Bear crawl down hill, crab walk up, 4 curls with 25lb gravel bags at top
Station 6 – run down hill, buttskoots back up, 4 skull crushers with landscape paver
Station 7 – (Where hill meets stop sign and empty lot) – 4 burpies

Repeat (but increase counts from 4 to 8 to 12, etc) until time runs out.
Mosey back to Mary

Dessert (Mary)
25 LBCs

NakedMan Moleskin
Thankful that the rain let up for our workout.
T-Claps to 4 dedicated pax who ditched the fartsack to start their day out right with a wipe-that-smile-off-yo-face beatdown
We all made it 4 times through (and could have done another 20 had the landscaping people not shown up)
F2 and coffee afterwards at Starbucks.
thx to HC for helping me load the paperweights back into the trunk.
Great start to a Glorious spring Saturday.
Thx for letting me Q.

See you in the gloom…