Spring 2015: 500 Pax Complete the Super Bowl of F3- The Mud Run

500 pax converged at the Leatherneck Course in Gaston, SC for the 2015 Spring Edition of the Super Bowl of F3 – THE LEGENDARY ULTIMATE CHALLENGE MUD RUN.  There were some impressive perfomances from the pax ranging from 16 teams completing the course in under 1 hour time to some first time participants conquering the course in impressive fashion.  Our time spent with the Heros from Operation Enduring Warrior provided plenty of #3rdF for the Pax, while the #F3BeerBoat provided more than enough #2ndF.  It was only fitting that the day would included a couple rain showers since F3 workouts are held rain or shine.  A Great Day for F3Nation!

Conditions: Low 60s, partly cloudy, some light rain, perfect for a CSAUP event

The Thang:

Operation Enduring Warrior Presentation:

  • Jared, one of the OEW athletes and Mud Run Participants, expressed his appreciation for all F3Nation does to support their cause in help veterans regain their lives after return home from active duty.
  • Then Brian from OEW presented Sway and YHC with a Plaque to F3 to express their appreciation.
  • Followed by Sway and YHC presenting a check for $5000 to OEW on behalf of F3Nation.  #TClaps to the Pax!

BOM – Prayer by Chaser – “One day our bodies will be void of strength and energy… but TODAY is NOT that DAY!” – AYE

Beginning at 8:30, the pax embarked on the 6 mile course featuring 36 obstacles.

Congratulations to Team Southbeach from Charlotte Metro on winning a 3rd straight Busted Paw. The Top 5 F3 Teams are:

  1. F3 Cltmetro Southbeach – 50:38.224
  2. F3 Cltmetro Spawn – 51:44.046
  3. F3 Raleigh Dead End Panda – 54:06.237
  4. F3 Cltsouth Clandestine Sobs – 55:24.514
  5. F3 Cltmetro Tempo – 55:37.557

The F3 only Results can be found HERE!   The Official Mud Run results can be found HERE.

The Pictures can be found HERE 


Special thanks to the following Pax who helped make this event possible:

  • Sway and KenDoll to the opportunity to Q this event. (KenDoll promised not to nominate YHC for any future events… somehow that statement didn’t come across very believeable…)
  • Crash, Robber, and Sway creating a plan for success and their advice and direction along the way.
  • Region MudRun Qs:
    • SamplerJollyRogerBaracusMadameTussaudBOSZimaDuffDiopterFEMAGypsy, TatankaMabMabEarthmoverR2D2NoShowAbrahamCrabLegs, Foxy
  • Friday Night Set up: TuffGuy, Wapner, Sway, Fountainhead, Gypsy, EZ, Uno,
  • Saturday Before, During, and After the Event: Treadmill, R2D2, Chaser, Mayhem, Napalm, Smokey, Copay, Sway, Crash, TuffGuy, RA.
  • Photographers: Ranger, YellowCake, Uno, FDIC and Many others
  • Refreshment Q: Mayhem, MuggyTape, EZ, Uno, LowDot for the use of his boat.  All the Pax from F3Columbia, F3LakeMurray, and F3Lexington you provided Drinks for the BeerBoat
  • The Big Check: Fountainhead and Costanza.

4 thoughts on “Spring 2015: 500 Pax Complete the Super Bowl of F3- The Mud Run

  1. Abraham

    @F3 Foothills, don’t miss this again. It’s just too good. It’s a thrill to be surrounded by so many F3 men. You feel the power of F3 Nation. Really, all pax need to experience these “Super Bowls.” Got another chance this fall. Make it a priority to be there. You won’t regret it

    1. Wingman

      Abraham, nice to meet you out there this past weekend. Hopefully will send HardBoiled (FNG) your way soon.

  2. Bolt

    Really enjoyed the whole day, my first mud run. Thanks to all the organizers. Dirtiest obstacle race I’ve done. Got injured being carried! at the end (shoulder bone into inner thigh) LOL of all things. E1 should do this F3 team event, gather those who haven’t for the fall.

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