Hip to the bone


QIC:  Hipbone

PAX:  Holy Cow, Cupid, Skinner, Bay City Roller, Custom Job, Dr. Doolittle, Indiana

Perfectly nasty day for a good beatdown – misty rain, 50 degrees

Warm Up

–          Mosey to Hospital deck

–          Circle up outside deck

o   Slap Jacks x 20 IC

o   Leg/Hammy Stretches

o   Storm Troopers x 15 IC

–          Mosey to Level 3 of Parking Deck (out of the rain)

The Thang

–          Grab a 35 lb concrete block

–          10 Overhead Thrusters, 10 Curls, 10 Goblet Squats, 10 Brent Row (Transition without recovery/stopping)

–          Run a lap around the Parking Deck

–          Rinse and Repeat x 5

–          Intermission

o   1 minute Wall Chair

o   1 minute Plank

–          Back to Blocks – Rinse and Repeat x 3

–          Mosey to Mary


QIC: Exit 54
PAX: Ma Bell, Smith & Wesson
Grab a sandbag and head to the shelter
Shoulder, Biceps and Triceps – We did sandbag lifts in groups of three, each lift isolating a different muscle group
Round 1: Thrusters x 10, One-arm curls x 10 each arm, Bench dips x 20
Round 2: Upright rows x 10, Two-arm curls x 10, Reverse scullcrushers x 10
Round 3: Deep swimmer’s press x 10, Bent-over curls x 10, Nosebreakers x 10
Round 4: Seated straight-arm lift x 10, Swinging thrusters x 10, One-arm pushups x 15 each arm
Round 5: Standing straight-arm lift x 10, Two-grip curls x 10 each arm, Jack Webbs (climbed the ladder from 1 merken/2 air presses to 10 merks/20 air presses)
REPEATO (we got thru Round 4 on the 2nd pass)
Head to Mary




–          Merkins (start on stomach) 5 reps, then release x 4

–          Reverse Plank – 1 minute

–          10 Hello Dollys, 15 Low Flutter, 20 LBCs  IC (transition without recovery)




  1. Prayers for Blue Hose and Dr. Doolittle & Family
  2. Miserable  morning weather = perfect F3 Experience
  3. Great turn out and great effort
  4. God is Good! A special day for the Q ….. very thankful to be able to Post and an honor to lead.