USMC MudRun Spring 2015 – MECA

USMC Mudrun Spring 2015

It was a beautiful morning to jump out of the fartsack at 03:45, grab our gear and our game faces and head to our meeting place for a 05:00 bus ride to the 2015 Spring F3 Superbowl celebration.  The place…Concord Mills Mall parking lot.  The bus…is front and center.  The time 04:58 and YHC’s phone rings… The voice on the other end says “BOS, I set my alarm wrong, I am four minutes away!”  So the last one to join us on our MECA roster is the last guy in the parking lot at 05:02. Training Wheels comes sliding in and all bodies are accounted for.

During the bus ride teams were talking strategy, staring down their competition or trying to get a few more winks of sleep before the days event. Our mix was close to 50/50 when YHC asked for a show of hands for first timers vs. veteran mud runners.  We had guys dressed in bad ass black, grey, red, and a team in bright orange.  Don’t get me wrong, I like orange obviously but you couldn’t lose these Precinct guys if you wanted to.  Our ride was uneventful except for the guys who found the bus facilities to be short on paper.

While YHC was reading detour directions to the bus driver Chowder stepped up with a call for additional donations for Operation Enduring Warrior.  Thank you to Chowder and to the MECA pax we raised an additional $325.00 on the bus for OEW.

And the winner is…MECA for the first bus in the gate!  The bus door opens and the PAX begins to scatter until Dutch calls for a MECA team picture.  Good Call Dutch!  Now it is getting serious.  Talk of the Forged Hammer starts to increase as the excitement of the day builds.  Shovel flags are planted by the F3 tent as four more F3 busses negotiate a parking spot.  Time for Iron Wolf to find his team from SC & GA…  While assembling our roster this year we had a few drops and adds and Iron Wolf was left on his own representing MECA on a multistate team but I hear he did a damn fine job.  Thank you for going with the flow!

Once the pax gathered at the F3 tent it was time for the OEW check presentation.  With the last minute donations like ours, the F3 total donation was pushed over $6,000.  Thank you all!   The presentation was followed by the Ball of Man, and we are off!

Game time…with a little mass confusion and chaos and a renumbering of all of the teams we got our bibs and headed down the chute.  There were four teams chasing the Busted Paw trophy, but that is not why MECA is in attendance.  We are after the Forged Hammer.  With trash talking about over it was time to hit the trail.  The defending Forged Hammer champions “The Donkey Kicking Kangaroos” were first to launch into the mud with the “The 8 Legged Miscreant Wallabees” following close behind.  This was the talk of the day as they pushed through the course.  All the teams had great runs with only one report of body damage.  Mandown will do anything for a mention in a backblast.  Yep, same ankle…  Other damage could be summed up as equipment failure.  FNG Tim Goodman (Respect! @ 55) was pushing his shoes to the max.  At mile 1.25 both the soles were peeling off the bottom of his shoes.  Mile 1.5 he stopped to tear them off so he could finish the race in something resembling slippers… So our FNG was renamed on the fly “Shoeless Joe”. The senior member of our pint sized team.

All in all, a few obstacles were closed.  The course may not have been in top shape.  The numbering and bib tent may have been nuts but the beer boat was awesome!

After we returned to the bus we had the Forged Hammer presentation to the winning MECA team.  This year The 8 Legged Miscreant Wallabees (Highlands) grabbed the hammer from The Donkey Kicking Kangaroos (Harrisburg) in a great fight.  I believe this fall will be even more exciting because the Donkeys didn’t look as if they liked letting the Hammer go.  But in a bold prediction The Fugitives announced that they will be bringing the Hammer home to their AO next time (Tradition/Precinct).  Join us next time for the exciting outcome of the Fall 2015 USMC MudRun!

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did.  I only wish I could have witnessed all of you hustling through the mud.  Please sound off below with your own war stories.

4 thoughts on “USMC MudRun Spring 2015 – MECA

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice BB BOS. It was another great experience and I’m proud of my team. Blind Date, Guinness, and Chicken Strip rocked it. The 2ndF stuff was great. It was a great day to do a mudrun.

  2. BOS Post author

    Rumors have been circling that there may be a few changes for the next USMC Mudrun.
    1) There may be a MECA Clydesdale division trophy up for grabs. The Forged Cheeseburger??
    2) Chicken Strip has almost agreed to Q the next race for MECA.

    Proud of my team “3 Bs and an FNG”. Next time around we are taking the “cheeseburger!”

  3. Buckwheat

    Great BB @BOS. It was a pleasure teaming w/ you, Shoeless Joe, and Bushmaster. Proud of our accomplishment and especially proud of Shoeless Joe who manned up and ran through the muck w/ no souls on his shoes, literally. Already training to do better in the Fall. The Forged Cheeseburger will be ours for sure!

    Great job to all, especially the 8 Legged Miscreant Wallabees, Donkey Kicking Kangaroos, Blind Drunken Chicken, and The Fugitives who all killed it!

    Bus ride home was a blast. Popcorn Sutton’s recipe was alive and well at the front of the bus!

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