Your New #CSAUP Challenge: Survive a round of golf with Dredd

We’ve got an open slot in The Iron Project’s foursome for the F3/Golf event on April 30th at Olde Sycamore. And that means an opportunity for a member of the pax to golf alongside F3’s King of Mumblechatter, Dredd himself.

So — wanna tee it up next to the Nant’an? Bid in our Twitter-based auction to benefit F3’s Expansion efforts.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Bidding starts at $150.
  2. Between NOW and 1800 hours on Tuesday, 4/21, submit your bid on Twitter by tweeting to @trwhitmire_OBT and using the hashtag #F3LeapBid.
  3. The winning bidder will be asked to direct his payment to one of three Leap initiatives that is raising its own funds: SF Bay Area; Portland, Oregon; or Dallas, Texas.
  4. Only bids submitted via Twitter and using the hashtag listed above will be recognized. (Do not bid in the Comments section here; do not email us with your bid.) Watch the @trwhitmire_OBT Twitter feed for updates on the bidding.

For the winner, Dredd promises to share a golf cart and keep up a steady stream of mumblechatter in between shots, while you line up your shot, during your backswing and while you look for your ball in the creek. There will be no bear crawls, but 50 burpees will be handed out at random during the round. If you behave yourself, you might even get a signed copy of Freed to Lead at the end of the round.

(AP and OBT will be in the other cart and have volunteered to take your place alongside Dredd in case you need a little peace and quiet…)

4/16 UPDATE: At the suggestion of the Sweet Six pax, we are adding a new wrinkle. Call this one “The Whammy”: If you win the auction and don’t want to play with Dredd, you can assign him to the victim of your choice as that person’s playing partner. 

Bid early, bid often and bid high.