Probably more than you want to know!

Interesting to YHC to note that there is a “Blood Moon” expected tomorrow from 0501h – 1059h. The maximum eclipse should be at 0704h. “Blood Moon” describes a total lunar eclipse. When the Earth casts its shadow on a full moon the Moon may get a red glow.

The Moon phase will be “Full” at 8:07 AM tomorrow although it “Sets” at 0710h. (“Set” relates to the horizon, not the tree line) It rises at 1914h today in the east (99 degrees). The full eclipse will not be visible in Charlotte.

The Charlotte weather at 0700h is forecast to be clear, 56 F, humidity at 70% and wind NW at 13 MPH. If you look to the west (actually 264 degrees) the Moon should be visible. Great way to start the 0700h workouts.

As with most unusual astronomical events, there are various theories about occurrences predicted when they occur.