Not quite a 10k… but we are getting there

We are going to start periodically doing an out-and-back course to try to work our way up to a full 10k in the 45 minutes of time we have.  We took it easy this morning, but we will begin picking up the pace and eventually hit that goal.

The thing:

From the parking lot, run through upper parking lot to Shelly, do the firehouse loop, then head our on the parkway toward the back entrance.  At the 22 1/2 minute mark, turn around and return along the same route.  I believe we hit about 5.25 miles.


– The weather was really nice… I was surprised we had such a small group.  This is the best time of year to run PAX!

– @Gordo again led us out strong and pushed at the end to finish strong.  Keeping up with him is becoming a challenging task.  Keep it up @Gordo!

– Lot of talk about the “The Bear”, which I had no knowldege of.  It sounds like it will be awesome, and logistically challenging.  Seems like @Chowder is in charge, so reach out to him with offers of help.

– Keep @Hammer in your prayers as they are traveling to be united with their new family member!