This is when it gets fun – 365 days in F3 Nation

365 days ago (yesterday) I finally posted at F3. Byron, Big League Chew and Schedule C had finally talked me into posting at Ascent.

As I sit here now, sure I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’ve gained so much more! No, not weight. I haven’t gained it all back. Duh!

But what I’ve gained is thousands of brothers! Course I haven’t met you all (yet), but when I do run into a F3 brother, there’s an automatic bond that can’t be explained. We talk about silly exercise names, and silly F3 names, but we also share our heart and how F3 has changed our lives.

When Dredd and OBT founded F3 in 2011, I’m sure they had no idea how this little idea would explode in growth. A free workout group? For MEN?! Inconceivable! But yet, it did grow and grow and it is still growing!

Somewhere along the way the past few months I realized that the time had come to shift my own personal focus, to take #IAmThird to the heart. To stop focusing on my own pain and perceived weakness, and focus on helping my brothers: if they are new, or just slow like me. I am now proudly a sweeper for the #six, whether I’m asked to or not. Even if I get fast one day, I’m always gonna stay in the back. All you speed demons are missing out on the fellowship back in the back of the Pax. I love it!

Saturday I lead a one hour beatdown I’m rather proud of bringing together, and I sit amazed (and sore) at what has happened in just one year. ONE YEAR, 365 days, 52 weeks of getting up early, 52 weeks of pushing through pain, 52 weeks of overcoming fears, 52 weeks of pushing my brothers and helping them carry the burden of life and watching them do the same for me when I lost mom, when the diet got tough, when life in general happened.

I know it’s not really about thanking each man, every brother in F3 is just as important as the next. Even if I get aggravated with you speed demons. But I’m chasing you now, and you better watch your six.

I will forget many brothers, so I’m not going to attempt to remember you all, but I’ll mention the one I’ve had a few interactions with on Facebook and respect a whole bunch and that’s Dredd. Looking forward to meeting you in person brother, maybe at the mud run. Locking shields, mean mean stride, all that stuff, it’s real, and you and OBT have changed my life by changing your own and letting the change grow out from your own lives. Thanks. Aye!

3 thoughts on “This is when it gets fun – 365 days in F3 Nation

  1. Strange Brew

    DT I was psyched to be at your workout on Saturday, you brought the pain (still sore, especially after sneaking Cindy in there) but more importantly you brought your inspiration, I remember that day at Peak 51 when you asked me how much weight I’d lost and when I told you, you said that you had lost even more than that, way to go brother! I want to hear more and more of those stories out there. Getting off the couch is hard and it hurts and as I’m learning it will probably always hurt but not nearly as much as staying on the couch that’s for sure. You inspire probably way more pax than you know, keep it up and I am honoured to be one of your many F3 brothers.

  2. CSPAN

    Congratulations on making it through your first year.
    Your “Six” leadership is part of the glue that makes an FNG “stick” with F3.
    Proud of you for stepping up to Q.
    Keep encouraging,

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