Penguin Race!

Mosey to Calvary Lutheran Campus
Stop on way for COP

SSH 20x
IST 15x
Cotton Pickers 15x

Da Race
AYG (and that ain’t much after 2nd time) up the steep driveway
right sided pretzel crunches at playground 20x
run to and jump over well pump
left sided pretzel crunches 20x
cross over to picnic shelter
dips 12x
mosey to neighborhood entrance
mountain climbers (4-count) 20x
jog down hill to power box
Burpies 10x
continue to bottom of neighborhood hill
merkins 10x
jog to steep driveway
Repeato ’till time is up

Freddy Merc’s 10x
W’s 10x
low dollies 10x

Moleskin –
Five faithful pax showed up on a chilly but sunny morning (37 degrees) to participate in a one-of-a-kind penguin race (batteries not included)
HC counted 3.4 miles of up & down
After going through course together, we put 30 seconds between each pax. Whenever you passed another body, you both had to salute each other with a burpie.
Very little passing – needed more pax.
4 of the 5 pax met for some F2 and coffee afterward.
Thx for indulging me as Q this morning. You guys are why I show up!!!