Dirty dozen and a near dead Q

8 PAX gathered this day at the COAL TRAIN for a blender beatdown of the DIRTY DOZEN.


Mosey length of drive into COP

Air Squats, SSH, Merkins

Mosey back length of drive into COP

Air Squats, Slap Jacks, Merkins

EACH PAX grabs 30-40 lb paver and mosey’s to the circle of truth and pain and hypoxia



12 exercises done in SETS of 3 followed by a lap around track with paver held over head and arms extended on odd laps and high skips with paver held with flexed arms on even laps

Goblet Squats x 15
Stone Merkins x 15
Plank Jacks x 15

Lap with Stone overhead

Man Makers x 10
Curls x 15
Rockers with Stone x 10

Lap with Stone

Alt Lunges with Stone x 15
Skull Crushers with Stone x 15
Alt Leg V ups with Stone x 10

Lap with Stone

Jump Squats with Stone x 10
Derkins on Stone x 15
Mt Climbers x 15

Lap with Stone



Core Killers x 10
Lat Crunches x 10 R x 10 L
Rev Crunches x 10
Plank 90 SEC
Supermans 1 MIN


1. Note to SELF: Never design a workout that you might have a hard time doing yourself as Q. Man I was without air and really about to die.  Bronchitis had Q down. Many tanks to PAX for picking Q up and helping with cadence and for carrying Qs corpse back to his bad ass truck Tundra truck that can pull the space shuttle erey day.

2. Great work by all.  There was not alot of chatter this AM except for Q gasping for breath and I hope all got their money’s worth in lower ext, core, and upper ext muscle groups with some laps thrown in to keep HR soaring. There was some talk about BD having certain skills that could help Psycho T.

3. Please come see Q in hospital as he receives oxygen therapy. Just joshin but Im still smoked.

4. Tomorrow NIGHT Brews and BBALL as Heels take on the corn fed Badgers of WISCONSIN. 715pm at Bonfire GRILL AND BAR.

Aye man