Phi Pack Attacka

Cool , Clear Spring Morning as 14 PAX submitted to the evil El Doraodesque offering (much to Catfish’s pleasure) of the Great and Mighty Backdraft (no.1 fan of the Cardiac Pack, NCSU)

The Assist

High Knees, Butt Kickers, Back Pedal, Karaoke, SSH ic 20, Imperial Stormtroopers ic 20

The Dunk

Mosey to South Deck at NEMC

Partner up and wheel barrow up stairs to landing and then 10 Derkins swap and partner does same until you reach top floor.  

40 LBC’s

Bear Crawl to opposing stairwell – Lots of chatter here, overheard indy ask dolittle how far can a bear really crawl?

Run down stairway and Bunny Hop back up! (Catfish I believe cursed me!)

40 LBC’s

Run down landings

Parnter carries back up landings alternating between landings.

40 LBC’s

My Favorite – Burpee Broad Jumps to opposing landing! (I gave Grover a new tool! SORRY!)

40 LBC’s

Mosey Back to ASEC.

2.0 Beatdown with CUPID as Q

Pax – Stroke, S&W, Bay City Roller
     Jog – parking lot length
     Goose Steps – parking lot length
     High Skips – parking lot length
     Jog – parking lot length
     SSH 20X
     IST 10X
     Mountain Climbers 10X
     Cotton Pickers 10X
the Thang
     two pax per tire
     four stations:
          burpies 10X
          Situps 20X
          Merkins 10X
          Squat-Curl-MilPress-Crusher-&back 10X
     lay tire down, carry out pain station, set tire back up and roll to next
     Repeat until Mary
     Scissors – 25X

There was no time once we returned to cut down the nets, and most were pretty well spent as it was!

Once Again Gentlemen it was an Honor and a Privilege to lead you in the morning festivities , I hope all enjoyed and GOD Bless! And continued Good Luck in your Brackets! GO PACK!


Back draft