The Sedentary Life Vs The D.R.P. – PART TWO

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My father’s desire for a “miracle pill” really did not surprise me. We live in a world where technology creates so many things in terms of instant results and instant gratification. We are spoiled by technology – too much sometimes. We want what we want – and we want it now! We shouldn’t have to wait for anything we desire right? Too bad that technology doesn’t allow us to be “instantly” physically fit! Or is it?

All of us know that healing does not take full effect upon ingestion of our first dose of any medicine. Our systems need to adjust to the introduction and our chemistry needs to find the balance needed for the medicine to take its maximum effect. For some that could mean days or even weeks to realize the full effect of whatever pill we are taking. The quest for an instant fix is a futile one and yet it is within that illusion that many still dwell. It is only when we are honest with ourselves and faithful in our daily dosage that the full and positive effects can be realized. It is only then that we can fully benefit from our medication. So is also true with our D.R.P.

One dose of the D.R.P. is not enough to cure what ails us. Nor is two, three, four, etc. It is not a pill of convenience nor of comfort. It is a pill not unlike others we have ingested – in the beginning it is harsh! In the beginning it seems too large to swallow, or to bitter to taste, and so like a petulant child we put up a fight! We find reasons why we shouldn’t take it. We make excuses as to why we don’t need it and we either discard it or we shelve it out of sight. We put off taking it because it doesn’t show instant results and the thought of continuing to ingest it makes us shudder. It is that type of thinking that will surely expedite our membership acceptance into the Sedentary for Life Club. It is that type of thinking that will increase our chances for being in a skilled nursing facility one day.

Please don’t feel I am writing that our D.R.P. is a way around all of the inevitability of our aging. I am not proposing it to be a new found “fountain of youth”! What I am writing is along the line of that old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We control what we can – our bodies will control the rest. We take our D.R.P. as preventative medicine – not as a miracle healing drug. We take our D.R.P. to keep our bodies and minds strong. Strong to fight the battles of aging and the eventual breakdown that will surely come to us all. We take our D.R.P. because we want to live a longer, stronger, healthier life for as long as we possibly can. The more we take the pill the more we will get adjusted to its ingestion. That does not mean it won’t still taste bitter, or get stuck in our throats on some days. It does not mean we will all have a dramatic restoration to our glory days of high metabolism with a side of Spartan-like chiseled features. What it means is this – we are giving our bodies and minds a better chance. We are giving them the chance to be FIT TO FIGHT! We take the D.R.P. so we can take the fight to the enemy without fear or excuse.

Our fight ultimately will be lost. Yes we all know this to be true but that is not a good excuse to skip our D.R.P. My father never took a D.R.P. and in that inaction probably expedited his demise. I wonder what he would change now if he could? His mind is so far gone that he can’t even remember much about the last 30-40 years. I would bet though that he would make some changes if he could!

F3 Brothers – don’t let this be you! Do yourselves a favor – if you haven’t already. First take a look at the people in your life – family, friends, etc. Ask yourselves what they mean to you and how they would adjust to your not being in their lives. Second take a look at yourself in the mirror and in your mind – ask yourself – AM I FIT TO FIGHT? Lastly imagine yourself not being around or being confined to a place such as my father for the remainder of your life and then ask yourself this – Would you be willing to trade all the days from that point backwards just for the opportunity to get FIT TO FIGHT? I THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER! Take the pill. Take that oft bitter, oversized horse pill and make yourself swallow. As often as you can and even double your dosage. Its no miracle cure, its no fountain of youth. Its a tool to help you get and stay FIT TO FIGHT.

Your choice with no excuses – THE SEDENTARY LIFE VS THE D.R.P!


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  1. Doyle Best

    Very well written, Hot Spot – thanks for sharing. Hits very close to home for me with what I’ve been through in the past year.

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