Rock Around the Clock

5 PAX gathered on a foggy 40degree Sat. morning

Mosey to Belk parking lot
SSH x 25IC
Hamstring Stretch
Storm Troopers x 20IC (calling cadence for these is strange)
Mountain Climbers x 25IC
Mosey back to ASEC

Thang: (4 station at your own pace workout)
12 rocks in clock formation – Do Manmaker at each hour
Cones in clock formation – In & Outs (center of clock out to each hour)
Cones in 25yd clock formation – Bear Crawl around clock
Clock Derkins – Feet on tire, complete a derkin at each hour remaining in plank position
Complete loop around ASEC and rinse & repeat at top of parking lot.

We completed 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 loops

Mary: Brazilians x 25IC
Homer to Marge 2 minutes
Plank alternating two hands to one hand 2 minutes
Upward Dawg Stretch

Great morning for a workout. Enjoyed listening to the chirping sound of Bay City Roller’s heart monitor while be thankful to hear Ma Bell revel in the beauty of the “Carolina Blue” sky. Manmakers were for Grover hoping he gets better, even thru in Brazilians but I don’t know if Indy is ever coming back. Final thought, Skinner how long does it take to recover from a marathon?