Race City CUSTOM Go Ruck Challenge – 10/09/2015

Mark your calendar, it’s happening.  F3 Race City is hosting a custom GoRuck Challenge.

What: TheThe GoRuck Challenge is a 10-12 hour event, covering 15-20 miles.  It’s been rescheduled for October.
 Friday, 10/09/2015
Where: Local, paid HC’s get to vote
Who: ALL F3 Nation Brothers
Cost: $145

Note: The first 35 paid are guaranteed a spot.  Wait list after that.  Watch this post for updates.  Once we hit 35 men, the pricing may go down slightly as we max out at 70 men.  Keep this in mind.  Optional adult beverages and celebration meal to follow the challenge.

Payment: Please PayPal to jmalone@gcgwm.com and comment below with F3 region, F3 name and “paid”.  There are roughly 16 verbal HC’s from Race City, so sign up ASAP.

*****Use “friends and family” option with PayPal to avoid fees.  We are friends, right?

How do I train?  https://t7979.mozu.com/cms/10317/files/GORUCK_6weekplan.pdf
What gear do I need? http://www.goruck.com/recommended-gear/c/47
Communication? Once you have paid, you will receive link to purchase GoRuck gear at a discount from Mailman, and you’ll be added to email list for updates.

Check this post for updates.

UPDATE (04/17/15):  Deposit has been sent in to Go Ruck.  Date is locked in.  Waiting to hear who we get as our Cadre.

UPDATE (09/01/2015): You have probably heard, but we have Cadre Jesse locked in and confirmed. The patch has been designed, and we’ll be surprised with it at the end of the event.  We have three spots left, so HC NOW.

40 thoughts on “Race City CUSTOM Go Ruck Challenge – 10/09/2015

  1. PrimeTime

    Let me see if I can work on the M and get her to say yes to this. After the GRH001 I don’t want to miss this plus it’s the day after my born on date and the day before our anniversary.

    1. PrimeTime

      Wife threw the Curveball on Fathers Day. PRIMETIME IS IN, will pay 6/26. Pee Pants is back in action

  2. Cornwallis

    HC and Paid! thanks Mailman for getting a date set quickly. Looking forward to it since I’ve been training with GRH guys for the May (now Oct) Challenge for past couple of months. AYE! #ruckson

  3. Blackbeard

    Send email to f3isotope@gmail.com with request to be added to Slack account (slack.com) for GoRuck event. Channel can be accessed via web browser or phone app. Makes communication amongst event participants easier via searchable message thread, custom channels for communication, and managed digests emailed to users who can not frequent site. 100% participation can be achieved with a few early adopters buying in an spreading the word. Request your invite now and start advertising its use to your brothers. Aye!

    P.S. If you already have a communication solution that works for you, Slack is by no means a requirement. It is only a suggestion after participating in GRH training in Isotope region and seeing the strengths and weaknesses of “WhatsApp” which those guys used as a communication tool.

    P.P.S. This is not a HC.

  4. crack

    It’s odd as I look above, I’m not seeing free pass paid and in?!? Or now that u did grh- u won’t mess w/ just a challenge?

    1. Nymph

      Pierogi, we need to measure you for your collar. Got us a new Clydesdale. Welcome. This will be epic.

    1. Captain America

      Just making sure you had room. Gotta check with the boss lady but should be a HC by tomorrow.

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