La vieja escuela El Dorado

OK, back to the El Dorado basics. Pre-blast. Running. UVU Competition. Here’s what’s in store:
Giddyup to la cubierta norte then begin the following circuit:
– 5 One-legged burpees (OLB) then up StH to step on the license plate silhouette (LPS) – you know what I’m talking about
Р15 hand release mericans at LPS then back down StH
– 5 OLBs (other leg) then up the Mine Shaft to step on the LPS
– 15 Makhtar N’Diayes (look it up) at LPS then back down the Mine Shaft
– 40 Air Squats then run the ramps as follows:
– AYG (including the flat)
– Bear Crawl (sprint the flat)
– Quadraphelia/Backwards (sprint the flat)
– Crawl Bear (sprint the flat)
– AYG up the remaining ramp/flat to the top then down the Mine Shaft

Repeat the circuit until 0605, then AYG back to the Burrito Station. You can get your 2nd F in the parking lot.¬†First back with most circuits… well, you know. Bell rings at 0515… class is in session.