Altered Plans

5 total PAX joined for a wet Saturday morning beat down…


Mosey to mall parking lot.

  • Lunges (25 yards)
  • Karaoke (25 yards)
  • Slap Jacks x 20
  • Cotton Pickers x 20
  • Total Package Stretch x 3
    Mosey back to ASEC for the thang

The Thang: (under the overhang)

  • Indian Bear Crawl (plank until you’re back of line…BC to front)
  • Squats with sandbag arms extended x 20
  • Tricep curls x 20 (each arm)
  • Manmakers x 20
  • Freddie Mercs x 20

    Repeato x 4

Mary: 6 inches x 2 minutes (1 minute at a time)

Great workout by all. Sorry we couldn’t do the ‘fun’ planned event. We needed 8 men to accomplish. I appreciate Grover showing up late after sleeping in. I really shouldn’t talk as I was 2 minutes late myself. TP, Capt America wanted me to let you know he actually finished his mile in 5:50.
Thanks for letting me lead you gents this morning! It was an honor.

Ma Bell