Snake, Rattle and Roll

8 PAX arrived at Coltane Webb on a unusually humid 60 degree mid-March morning.  Catfish Qued as a substitute for Captain America who along with Ma Bell stayed home to wish their sister/daughter a wonderful birthday with a cooked breakfast…


Mosey from back of school to SunTrust bank parking lot (Saw Skinner doing his running thing, he gave a F3 chant, Hurry back brother!)

  • SSH x 25IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 25IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

Mosey back to schools back lot

  • LBC x 25IC
  • Merkins x25IC
  • Brazilians x 25IC


Indian Run around small track: 4laps

4 Station Loop Around Track:

  • Start – 25 Burpees (2 or 3 times I heard the PAX ask where Grover was)
  • 1st Turn – 20 yd lunge walk
  • Backstretch – Snake Run up and down the hill (top hill 4 times)
  • 3rd Turn – 25yd Bear Crawl

Rinse and Repeat (All PAX completed 3 loops) (3rd Loop Deertick spotted a possible FNG and went into sales mode)


  • KGB Twist x 25IC
  • Merkins x 25SC
  • Plank – 60 seconds
  • Upward Dawg – 60 seconds (Great relaxing stretch looking up to the heavens)

Thank you gentlemen for allowing me to Q even though it was on short notice.  Happy Birthday Lauren Hurlbut and Indy is getting a $5 March Madness bracket contest together.  That will be fun.  Go Heels even though my brain knows that ain’t happening.