Walk the Line

15 Pax gathered on the frozen tundra to Walk the Line.


  • Trail run over towards the new senior living neighborhood, winding back through the woods and past the picnic shelter, through the woods to the scoreboard, then to the lower parking lot.
  • Plank Series: Plank~45 secs, Merkins x 10, Plank~30secs, Three Levels Plank- hold each~10 secs, Side Plank R/L~20 secs, Elbow Plank w/opposite leg & arm lifts R/L~20 secs.

The Thang

Mosey over to the log field finding some rocks on the way.

  • Rock Curls x10
  • Overhead rock presses x10

Pax lined up to perform exercises in place OYO, while one Pax at a time performed a forward motion exercise to the other end of line holding the rock were possible.

Line – Motion

  • SSH – Bunny Hop
  • Windmills – Apollo Ono Walk
  • IST – Walking Lunge
  • Air Squats – Jump Squats
  • Smurf Jacks – Bear Crawl
  • Carolina Dry Docks – Bear Crawl
  • Merkins – Jump Squats
  • LBC – Walking Lunge
  • Flutter Kick – Apollo Ono Walk
  • Squirm – Bunny Hop
  • SSH
  • Recover

YHC couldn’t resist the logs just sitting there.

  • Log Curls x10
  • Log Overhead Presses x10
  • Log Squats x10

Mosey to Picnic Shelter

  • Step Ups x10
  • Repeato


  • LBC x20
  • Squirm x20
  • The W x10
  • The X x10
  • The Y 10 OYO
  • The Z x10
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Homer-to-Marge Medley, includes: Homer-to-Marge, Low Dolly, Rosalita, (feet never touch the ground).


Thank for leading us out Padre, and to the pax for taking care of announcements while YHC figured out how to count.


  1. A lot of fun this morning. Thanks to 10% Hootie for providing the entertainment.
  2. Apollo Ono was a speed skater.  #ApolloSlowno.
  3. Comment renaming Smurf Jacks after one of the Pax shall go unrepeated.
  4. More shenanigans.
  5. Good Luck to all those Pax running the Corporate Cup or whatever it is.