Two Minute Drill

60 degrees on a glorious winter morning. 11 men showed up for the F3 version of the 2 minute drill. The NFL has nothing on us!

Warm Up:
Mosey around lower lot back to middle lot. Lunges across middle lot (25 yards). Mosey to upper lot.

SSH x 20 IC
Cotton pickers x 20 IC
Indian Bear Crawl 50 yards (yeah, need to rethink that one)

The Thang
2 minute exercises while 2 of the 11 run to the bottom of the lower lot and back up to the middle lot carrying 25 lb sandbags.
Walkout Merkins
KGB Twists (did this twice)
Prisoner Squats  (did this twice)
Burpees  (did this twice)
Hand Release Merkins

6 Inches for 30 seconds (4 sets)
Freddie Mercs x 30 IC

Great effort by all. Sorry BooBoo for the ‘meat grinder’ but I have to say you deserved it for saying you were a ‘child’ while I was in college. I couldn’t tell if Indy was playing me with the Grover references but I have to admit seeing the legs hitting the ground and groans during Mary was a bit fun. Thanks for the encouragement and for allowing me to lead such a fine group of men on my 1st Q.