1.0 Workout

PAX= Deertic ,Cupid ,Holly Cow, Captain America , Dr. Doolittle, Ma Bell, Back draft , Nails

Mosey to energy plant

Climb stairs to top- circle at bottom of steps for 15 cotton pickers

Climb stairs to top- circle at bottom of steps for 15 mtn climbers

Climb stairs in reverse –circle at bottom of steps for 20 ssh

Climb stairs to top – circle at bottom of steps for 15 merkins


Mosey to rock pile

Grab medium size rock and line up in upper lot

Pax begins with curls as first man begins his run around campus next man  goes when  first one gets to lower entrance

And keep repeating until all pax have returned. Upon return each pax continued curls.

Repeato this time with skull crushers (or should we call them skinners?)

Repeato this time pax arranged a circle and passed rock as men dropped off and eventually rejoined.

2.0 Workout

Q Indy
PAX : Smith n Wesson, Underbite, Photon, Stroke, Rabbi Reflux

Warm Up

Mosey to Upper Lot


Slap Jacks x 15
Bear Crawl 25 yards
ISTs x 15
Run with High Skips up Drive way 80 yards
Prisoner Squats x 15
Small and large arm circles forward/backward
Hamstring Stretch
Hand Release Mericans x 10

Mosey to Lower Lot and line up with Sand Bags; A cone was placed at 25 yards in middle of drive


Manmakers with Suicides

5 Manmakers with sandbag
Run Suicide
4 Manmakers
Run Suicide
3 Manmakers
Run Suicide

Repeato down to 1

Recover ONE minute

Now ascending ladder back up

1 Manmaker
Run Suicide
2 Manmakers
etc etc back up to 5

Mosey to camp fire

Step ups IC x 10
Dips x 20  in sets of 5 with bent knees, straight legs, one leg held up

Mosey to Hill near herb garden

Quadromania x 4 up the hill

Mosey to Mary after putting away ordinance




44 degrees and gloomy did not stop a total of 16 pax from coming out to exercise mind and body.

My absence over the past few weeks is starting to catch up,as im sure pax #1 noticed today with my shortness of breath and lack of speed.

Great effort by all !

Get well soon Exit its not the same without you.

Over and out,




Great effort by all today.  At one point Rabbi was making an asphalt snow angel trying to catch his wind and cool down. We all had on way to many clothes. Learn to shed clothes after about 5-10 minutes and you will find that you have more energy and are less winded.  Your heart is working double time to try to cool you and send O2 to muscle groups.  Muscle contraction makes tons of heat so be kind to your heart and go light on the polar gear.  Remember that form is way more important than number of REPS.  Doing Mericans from knees is way to go until strength builds or your gonna risk a shoulder injury.  This is why Backdraft is so weak. Ahhh and there was ZERO chatter this AM from 2.0s.