F3 Concord – School F3 is always in session.

7 faithful gathered on a beautiful 32 degree morning for a school-based beatdown. Principal Skinner has been missing his students the past two weeks and took advantage of the Q to work with new students.

Mosey to the parking lots right off Union Street
Circle up
§ SSH x 20
§ Imperial Storm Troopers x 20
§ Arm circles
§ Leg stretches
Mosey to the square in downtown Concord.

PAX would be studying different subjects.
§ First two subjects – Geometry and Poetry. Pax ran from the SQUARE to the CIRCLE (roundabout approximately 1-mile down Cabarrus Avenue) stopping every two minutes to complete a Haiku – 5 Burpees, 7 Merkins, and 5 Air Squats. 3 stops and 3 Haikus.
§ Third subject – Zoology. BEAR crawls and CRAB walks around the roundabout.
§ Fourth subject – Recess. Fartleks (one of Skinner’s favorite running words) back up and over bridge. Fartleks are “speed play” and consist of interval sprints to a designated destination. Pax sprinted to light/utility pole, jogged to the next, sprinted to the next, etc. to the end of the bridge.
§ Fifth subject – Social Studies. Trip down Route 66. Run to utility pole, 1 merkin, run to next utility pole, 2 merkins, etc. up to 11th utility pole for a total of 66 merkins. Repeat doing reverse crunches for a total of 66 reverse crunches.
Run back to SQUARE for school dismissal
Mosey to Mary.

§ LBCs x 30

1. Great work by all.
2. Happy Birthday to Holy Cow.
3. Cabarrus County Schools is actually having a full day today. Great to see all the students and remember why I do what I do.
4. This will be my last F3 workout for several weeks. I will be tapering for a March 15 marathon and then a week or so of recovery. I will be keeping up with you all through the Preblasts and Backblasts.
Carry on and stay strong.