Pain and Suffering Brought to You by Grover

Seven PAX ignored the late-night Preblast warning and posted on this 26 degree morning…


  • Mosey around the back of the church
  • Circle up at the upper parking lot:
    • SSH x 30 (IC)
    • Brazilians x 25 (IC)
    • Merkens x 25 (IC)
  • Grab a rock head to the lower lot


  • 10 Manmakers w/ rock
  • Lower lot suicide
  • 9 Manmakers w/ rock
  • Lower lot suicide
  • 8 Manmakers w/ rock
  • Lower lot suicide
  • 7 Manmakers w/ rock
  • Lower lot suicide

…and you get the idea.  We did the ladder down to 1 Manmaker then climbed it back to 10.  At this point, we still had some time remaining so we went back down the ladder to 7 Manmakers.

Final tally: 144 Manmakers and 24 lower lot suicides

Mosey to upper lot, return your rock, circle up


  • Brazilians x 25 (IC)
  • 6 inches, alternating legs in and out w/ hold at each position – we did this for about 90 seconds
  • LBCs x 25 (IC)


In case the above summary doesn’t make it clear, today’s beatdown wasn’t big on variety.  We did Manmakers and we ran sprints – and we did this for about 45-50 minutes straight (and trust me that the minutes really creep by slowly when you’re doing nothing but Manmakers and suicides).  Grover’s a machine so it makes sense his workouts read like something that an algorithm would spit out.

The rest of us mortals had to really bring it this morning.  Exit and Catfish made the mistake of selecting a large rock, and really paid for it.  Fortunately Deertick and Hipbone (who didn’t make the same mistake) offered to swap their rocks when we approached the lower end of the ladder.  Exit also (innocently) asked the Q for clarification on the proper form for Manmakers.  Grover confirmed that – yes – you are supposed to do a merken at the bottom.  This set off a string of muttering from the PAX who might possibly have been cheating on their form a bit.  It also gave Catfish license to call out others who were resting  during reps during Mary.

All in all, today was an excellent effort from everyone.  I’m glad I did it and now that it’s over I have no desire to ever do it again.

Aye –

Exit 54