Snow with a chance of derkins

3 failthul (and slightly insane) later joined by 4th gathered for a snowy beat down


– mosey to the fire pit

dips x15

derkins x 15


Mosey to shelter

– SSH x 20

– smurph Jacks x20

– mountain climbers x 20

– ISS x 20

Grab gravel bags, 4 stations, tabata 25 sec max reps, 10 sec rest

o       Overhead press

o       Curls

o       KGB twist

o       Side step twists


20 iterations total

Cackalaka Choo Choo X4

dips x 20

derkins x 20

-       Mary

o    Brazilians x 20

o    LBC x 20

o    Hello Dolly x 20



1. Many thanks to those who braved snow/ice and came out for their daily dose of pain, Better late than never, Backdraft

2. Nail’s sleds would have been fun today

3. Special thanks to Tom for coffee and water this morning, although the Tundra can use heated seats in the back