CSAUP PRE-BLAST: Quarter Ruck III 3/27/15

Back by popular demand, NoCo presents the…

Quarter Ruck III

This is an F3 NoCo CSAUP and training event for your upcoming GORUCK events. The Quarter Ruck will test both as you will work together (across regions).

When: 3/27/2015 8:00 PM to 11:00-ish

Where: Stumpy Creek Park

What: The Quarter Ruck event is designed to incorporate various elements of a GORUCK Challenge.  The Qs will clipboard and follow a typical GORUCK format to simulate the Cadre in the Challenge/Heavy. 

Who: F3 Nation, especially PAX participating in F3 Race City Custom GRC 10/9/15

This event will be designed and led by F3 brothers.  The Co-Qs for this event are all GRTs and have experienced multiple different GORUCK Challenges, which will offer a variety of Good Livin’.

Why: To build confidence in yourself, your gear & your team…also CSAUP.

Cost: F3 Workouts are free, and all F3ers are welcome.  However, for $10 you will receive a Fonzie designed patch and post event ACRT.

Pay Now via PayPal using the  “Send Money to Friends & Family” to walker.ham@figmarketing.com, then comment below with your F3 Name, Region & Paid.  Deadline to sign up is 03/15/15!

Gear – Use what you are planning on using for the Challenge.  This will be an opportunity to test your gear.  Also, the Qs may perform an inspection to ensure you meet GORUCK standards.  Please see this link: https://content.goruck.com/packing-lists/Challenge-packing-list.pdf for GORUCK’s packing list. Plan as if this were a GRC.

Communication – Updates will be done via this F3Nation.com post and via email/twitter once you have paid.

Questions? email NOCOCSAUP@gmail.com or better yet comment below so all can see.


88 thoughts on “CSAUP PRE-BLAST: Quarter Ruck III 3/27/15

  1. Santiago

    In and Paid and graciously thank the NoCo military wannabees for their leadership in beating on the Santiago for a change… ~Santiago~

    1. Nymph

      RaceCity men are ready. We will rise to the occasion. Surely Silver Bullet will have fellow shield bearers from Isotope. We welcome him.

  2. Nymph

    Post Quarterruck parking lot party at my office. Barrel fire, burgers, beer. Cadre payback if they show. Lawn chair and blanket recommended.

  3. Nymph

    Doolittle is in. Claims there is no paypal link on the preblast. Hmm. Well, glad to have my Magic Rat brother on board.

      1. crack

        Sean Gallagher is sledgehammer- not interested in patch.. Will contribute for sundries, but not through PayPal…. It’ll all work out

  4. Drive Thru

    DriveThru – In and paid. What is happening. I cannot believe I’m doing these things. I must be possessed.

    1. crack

      Aye good to see and don’t worry I’m sure the likes of Free pass, Calypso, Dallas and Jolly Roger (I think those are the men in charge anyway) will make it fun for all… I’m just along for the ride. Good to see DT!!

  5. Free Pass Post author

    We have approx. 26 guys who have HC’ed for this event. Your cadre are all veterans of a GoRuck Challenge and now a GoRuck Heavy. You will all learn that all the rules matter all the time.

  6. Nymph

    Men of the Quarterruck 3, this is the week. Friday we will come together to complete the Quarterruck. Several items of housekeeping. Refer to this link for essential items and requirements http://www.goruck.com/tough-the-original-/c/25. Pay very close attention to these requirements as we will be checked. Arrive early and get in formation so we will be ready for what lies ahead. 8 pm will be late. 7:30 pm would be perfect. We will suffer the consequences of not following all the rules all the time. The team will pay the price for individual behavior. We will meet in the parking lot of the boat ramp at Stumpy Creek. Let others you know who don’t follow usual communication channels of these requirements. I look forward to completing this team event with you all. There will come a day when our bodies will not be able to complete such challenges, but Friday will not be that day. May God bless our time together and may He show us and the cadre who really is in charge.

    Nymph, out.

  7. Jolly Roger

    “We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” – Romans 5: 3-5

    I “HOPE” you all know what you have gotten yourself into.

  8. Nymph

    Thank you to the cadre who have planned and organized this event. We are drawn to this stuff by the challenge, kept together by the comradery, and changed by the awesome power that we experience in circumstances such as these when we must lean in on each other. Honored to lock shields with you men.

  9. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Do we have our team weight and flag situation figured out?

    Nymph, great words of wisdom. Are we ready for another? Is this going to be a HEAVY put into 4 hours?

  10. Blackbeard

    Send email to f3isotope@gmail.com with request to be added to Slack account for GoRuck event. Channel can be accessed via web browser or phone app. Makes communication amongst event participants easier via searchable message thread, custom channels for communication, and managed digests emailed to users who can not frequent site. 100% participation can be achieved with a few early adopters buying in an spreading the word. Request your invite now.

  11. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    immersion……aka baptism. BlackBeard, are you saying you want to get wet?

    Jolly Roger, did you see the report last week about Lake Norman being unsafe for human interaction for 30 days? What am I saying, of course you did, safety is your #1 goal!

    Nymph…..excited to see you also my friend

    1. Blackbeard

      Immersion: placed in water, but not completely submerged
      Submersion: completely beneath the surface of the water

      Immersion sounds like the preferred option. JollyRoger is now officially “Good Cop”. Thanks for looking out for us.

  12. Nymph

    It takes 10 minutes to get from the boat ramp parking to the ball field parking lots. Plan accordingly. 8 pm will be late. The many will pay for the mistakes of the few. Do not be that guy. The backblast will haunt you.

  13. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Immersion Definition:
    plunged or sunk in or as if in a liquid.
    Biology. somewhat or wholly sunk in the surrounding parts, as an organ.
    Botany. growing under water.

    I dont want to be immersed in water.

  14. crack

    I keep getting e-mails about comments… Is there something going on Friday I should be planning for?

    1. Man Hands

      Crack, I believe it’s a leisurely stroll, I believe there might be a sprinkler for a baptism. I’ll pick you up at 8:00pm so we can be fashionably late…..

      1. Santiago

        Man Hands and Crack, Here is a lesson from life, don’t always say what you are thinking. Cadre, what Man Hands means is he is sure it will be a noble challenge and he is looking forward to working in a team and spending 4 hours in utter silence….like a Monk. Santiago

  15. Nymph

    Cadre put out a tweet for ex military in pax to tweet branch and rank. Tagged with #quarterruck. We are asked to “pay attention” meaning memorize.
    Unless you want to carry big mean, plinko, and Manhands, try to do it. Compile and get on slack when you can. Cadre can see this communication. All comments that aren’t positive or true questions should cease at this time.

  16. Blackbeard

    I sent invites for everyone I received an email from. RentACop, I sent one for you moments ago. Invites go out immediately so if you requested an invite and don’t have one, please check your spam/junk folders. If you still can’t find the email, send a follow-up request to f3isotope@gmail.com and I will re-send the invite.

    If you haven’t sent a request yet, send email to the address above with your real name using the email account you want to use, and I’ll take care of it.


    1. Santiago

      Dude’s Blackbeard & Nymph: you are instructing us to get onto Slack. Then Nymph says once we get there to do the following “New to arrive get over to the quarterruck 3 channel. That’s where we are. Choose in upper left under channels” This Upper left under channels in the pull down does not exist. Is this a challenge before the challenge to break the communication? Tell us what really works if you want us to use it. Or Ill turn Man Hands on you….

      1. Blackbeard

        No worries. I pulled you in through the window so you don’t have to look for the door.

  17. Nymph

    It’s there just click on the plus sign. Please keep your communications short and to the point.

  18. Jolly Roger

    The confusion around yet another social media application is very telling about how far this group has to go to become a team.

  19. Silver Bullet

    This is all just smoke and mirrors jolly. Don’t you worry jolly. We’re gonna be the greatest team since the A-team. More like the A+ team. Gonna give the perfect effort and take whatever you can throw at us with a grin and then ask for more.

  20. Silver Bullet

    Very wise, probably should pay attention to that third verse as well. Pretty appropriate.

  21. Jolly Roger

    Not provoking, just offering helpful hints. Also, just for the record, did you call me wise and foolish in the same sentence?

  22. Santiago

    Jolly, this group is similar but different than your fancy schmancy upper class Huntersville guys. We are country folk, so if you do communicate with us, use smallish words and speak with a little twang or say be donkey donk between sentences. Makes us feel more confident. Arent you suppose to be silent and super unapproachable?

  23. Blackbeard

    I agree with Nymph. SilverBullet and Santiago — you’re both dead. And FreePass. Where is he? He’s dead too. #tradition

  24. The Mailman

    Individual awful behavior isn’t conducive to this exercise. Please refrain and remove yourself from further damage. You know who you are.

    1. Man Hands

      Is it me? Sometimes the words “forgive them father, for they know not what they do” really applies to me.. I really have no idea what I’m doing sometimes….

  25. RentACop

    The best option is to not post anything on this site take your mumble chatter to Slack that is absent of Cadre

  26. Free Pass Post author

    In order to allow more time for fun and games here are a few rules for tomorrow night. All the rules matter all the time.
    1) Do not speak to the cadre unless you are designated TL.
    2) Know the difference between ranks, columns, and rows.
    3) Rucks and coupons do not touch ground unless instructed.
    4) Always be within arm’s reach of a teammate.
    5) Look cool. Never get lost. If you get lost, look cool.

    That is all for now. #GYMR

  27. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Guys, there will be a caravan of us leaving from GCC at 7:00pm Sharp. Get there at 6:45pm, we will figure everything out and head down in 1 or 2 cars. This should get us there by 7:30-7:40.

    Free Pass…if the Cadre’s from the Heavy didn’t feel they “deserved” to be called “sir’s”. Do you deserve to be called Cadre?

  28. Free Pass Post author

    More Info for tonight:
    1) No watches, phones, fitness trackers, or electronics allowed. Do not be that guy.
    2) Pay attention to your GRL and GRC packing lists.
    3) If you have an inhaler, epipen, or other medical device please make sure they are in the upper-most interior pocket of your ruck.
    4) P^6 can save you and your team. Know it.
    5) Know the 3F’s, F3 Mission, and Rules of F3 workout.

    11 hours and 37 minutes until go time.

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