2/12/15 Back Blast

9 faithful 1.0s and 5 2.0s gathered on a beautiful 32 degree morning for a chilly beatdown in the gloom.



Mosey to the hospital power plant

Circle up

§ SSH x 20

§ Cotton Pickers x 20

§ Mountain Climbers x 20

§ Arm circles and arm stretch

Mosey back to the upper lot by the rock pile at ASEC


PAX would complete one exercise 60 times, completed in a group of 3 sets x 20 reps.  Each set of 60 was followed by a lap around the Church.

§ First exercise – merkins

§ Second exercise – curls with a rock

§ Third exercise – overhead press with a rock

§ Fourth exercise – goblet squats with a rock
Mosey to Mary with a 20-yard bear crawl thrown in



     jog parking lot length 2X
     Hi skips 1x
     Hi kicks 1x
     Karaoke 1x
     SSH – 20x
     IST – 15x
     plank jacks – 11x
     hamstring stretches
The thang:
    get a gravel bag
     mosey to hillside
     quadromania up & down 5x
     mosey to picnic shelter
     super-slow man makers without plank 5x
     mosey to parking lot
     lunge across parking lot
     homer to marge 6x
     lung across parking deck
     superslow freddyMercs 10x
     mosey to picnic shelter
     (while on back on tables):
          superslow overhead lifts 5x
          superslow benchpress 5x
     mosey to hillside
     quadromania up
     crabwalk down
     backward butt scoot up
     quadromania down
     Repeato (last 4 steps)
     put back bags & jog parking lot length
     mosey to Mary


§ LBCs x 30

§ 1-minute of plank activities


1.  Great effort by all, at least once Catfish was shamed into getting a real rock instead of a pebble.

2.  Always an honor to lead you men.