Death By Sled ( D B S )

7 PAX posted on a subfreezing Weds morn;


Mosey Length of Back Drive from Grove going N to Franklin Street

COP (In CADENCE) at each end each time

Air Squats x 20
Jumping ISTs x 20 (think jump rope and then add in ISTs)

Mosey Back to Grove with some Karaoke

Cross Jacks x 20
Side shuffle High Knees x 20 (high knees but you are moving sideways pumping arms)

Mosey Back to Franklin

Mericans x 20
High Jumps x 20 (knees tucked jump as high as you can = plyometrics)

Mosey to Bad Ass Monster Tundra with backwards soccer shuffle containing Sleds of Death

Mosey with Nails Sleds of Death to the track of friction dropping pavers at Mary along the way

THE THANG ( 3 Sleds 7 PAX)


1 or 2 PAX are the mule and pull SLED complete circuit around track = 150 yards WHILE other PAX on sled does alternating Merkins and Planks; Switch out; Rinse and Repeat

Once all have done one LAP forward as MULE

REPEATO pulling backward around track

MARY (with pavers)

Weighted Alt Leg V ups x 10
Weighted Rockers x 10
Weighted Rosalitas x 10


1. Ill not lie. Being the solo MULE was a beast.  Thanks to Nails for making the sleds.  Backdraft wants it noted for the record that they should be turned into kindling  with ashes strewn across the Atlantic so that they cannot reform.  Pulling a big man is hard. Even harder when he has majority of his weight on the FRONT of the sled doing a plank or a merkin.  I will admit that Q had to cajole PAX into remembering to do the push ups on the sled.  Some PAX may have been a bit too tall to completely extend but great fun was had by all and the quads and hams should tell the tale by dusk tonight.  Weighted rockers blow and there is no other way to phrase that. KGB still on mission in Morocco it seems as did not post.  Stay in the light and keep on trucking.