Quarter Ruck II – 1.30.15 BACKBLAST

30 ruckers gathered for the F3 Quarter Ruck II for many reasons.  Many are training for the Custom Heavy in 6 weeks.  Some are looking to challenge themselves in Race City in May and others just wanted to know what these “backpack” workouts were all about.  All came with anticipation and left with confidence.  30 started, 30 finished, all grew stronger mentally and physically.  Here is their story:

2200 Which Wich Parking Lot at Birkdale.

The 4 Cadre (Gnarly Goat, Moses, Freeedom & Tantrum), after unlawfully kicking a couple Pax out of Starbucks, made their way to the launch point.

First Cadre G. Goat gave the ground rules.  The Pax had five responses allowed through the night.  (Yes sir, No sir, Aye sir, We will find out sir, No excuse sir)  ***Not included in these responses was “I don’t know sir”.

Cadre G. Goat then tested the ruckers with knowing the 4 Laws of the Navy.  Which they were given a week earlier.  http://digital.lib.uh.edu/contentdm/file/get/p15195coll22/1159/1160.pdf

Cadre Moses then confiscated any time piece while Cadre G. Goat continued testing the Pax on their knowledge of The Laws of The Navy.  Also noted, Cadre Tantrum was silent while playing the role of bad cop while Cadre Freeedom played the role of form police.

Then the Pax headed out around 2220 with a SF, 3 water jugs, and a radio playing Rudyard Kipling on repeat.

Mortimer & Primetime were assigned TL & ATL

The Pax made their way down the greenway toward the WAC (Westmoreland Athletic Park).  During this time the Pax were given instructions to memorize the 11 breakfast options.

(Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit, Assorted Cereal, Scrambled Eggs, Canadian Bacon, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Toast, margarine, Donuts, Coffee, Milk)

On the way, the Pax were instructed to secure any bridge they came across.  At the first bridge the Pax found a fire hose to carry for the remainder of the night.

On the second bridge, the Pax failed to secure the bridge and unfortunately approx. 10 of the 30 Pax were killed, including Free Pass.

Approx. 2300:

Pax arrive at WAC.  Cadre Bad Cop was still mean and Cadre Form PoPo circled the Pax with flashlights.

The Welcome Party commenced on Field #1 with bear crawling, 8 count body builders, crab walking, and low crawling from center field to home plate.

After approximately 12 attempts at getting in 6 ranks alphabetically order, the Pax decided to rename themselves by numbers.  1, 2, 3, 4 etc.  Then after 3-4 more unsuccessful tries at that, the Pax finally got everybody renamed to a number up to 30.

The Cadre were not satisfied with this and continued the beatings until order was restored.

After successfully finding order, the Pax were instructed to reorganize buy M’s name.  The Pax were successful and were then given their first mission.

Approx. 2400:

Under TL BEP & ATL Calypso, the Pax were given their first mission.  Grab 2 logs and 1 tire as coupons, find and extract a downed pilot from Burn Boot camp near the Paininsula AO.  The Pax made their way up Westmoreland and down West Catawba toward Jetton Village.  Then Free Pass got killed.  Along the way there was separation due to failure carrying the hose and Free Pass.  The Pax were punished with PT in a marina parking lot, where Special Sauce had his food taken by Cadre Bad Cop.  After the Cadre were satisfied, the Pax were allowed to continue their mission, that is until Cornelius’ finest detained the team to run a background check on Cadre Goat.  The Pax were made to get in forward leaning rest while the Cadre explained The Pax were not being held against their will nor did they intend any ill will to the righteous town of Cornelius.  And with that, the mission resumed.  Then Free Pass got killed.

Approx. 0100

The Pax found the pilot in his aircraft (Goat’s truck).  To extract, the Pax removed the pilot (a very heavy dummy) and pushed the “wreckage” around “Horseshoe Hill”. Then Free Pass got killed.

Approx. 0200

After over a mile of “pushing tin” TL BEP negotiated with the Cadre to dump a coupon or two into the wreckage.  After that the Pax were able to successfully extract the pilot and his wreckage.  Well, at least most of the pilot, he has a leg “issue”.  For a reward, the Pax were allowed to empty the water jugs into their bladder.  Then Free Pass got killed.  Toxic then recited the 4th Law of the Navy and the Pax were able to discard the tire with the wreckage.

Approx. 0215

Landshark and Cornwallis were elected TL & ATL with the mission of finding the beach.  The Pax made their way from the Harris Teeter to Jetton Park.  Then Free Pass got killed.

Approx. 0230

Jetton Park, the Pax moved into the water knee deep (chest deep for Arizona) and ruck PT commenced for approx. 15min.  It was then that mean Cadre Bad Cop called overhead ruck squats to ensure all undercarriages were property hydrated.  Also right about then, T-bone fell down, neck deep in the water.  But took it like a champ and persevered through the remainder of the event.  Then the Pax were removed from the water for some 8 count body builders, bear crawling and finally the Tunnel of Love.  Throughout this time, YHC attempted to reason with Cadre Bad Cop and Cadre Form PoPo, all requests were ignored.

Approx. 0300

The Force and Chief were elected TL & ATL for a long walk back after a 5 min break.  This is when the bacon was distributed by Calypso.  Yum!

The mission was to return to WAC ASAP.  Then Free Pass got killed.

Approx. 0400

The Pax arrived at the WAC.  Deposited the logs and paused for 5 seconds.  Cadre G. Goat did not appreciate the pause and ordered the Pax back to Field #1 for more PT.  Only this time, the infield was rock solid then Free Pass got killed.   After several bear crawls, crab walks and low crawls, the Pax were ordered to move back to the launch point.  Perrier & Tweetsie were elected TL & ATL for this venture.  Unfortunately the Cadre saw 10-12 hay bales that needed to be crossed.  So the Pax crossed them and then proceeded down the greenway back to the launch point, then Free Pass got killed.

Approx. 0441

The Pax were told to recover, patches were distributed, Cadre Moses prayed.  #ACRT #AwfulWaffle.

Naked Rucking Moleskin:

After Cadre G. Goat allowed men to be “resurrected”, Cadre Moses came up to him and said “Hey Jesus, you keep undoing my work!”  Mmmm, what does that make Cadre Moses?

After getting stopped by Cornelius’ finest, Chief decided to yell every former or present Cornelius law enforcement officer.  It kind of worked.

Calypso’s tub of bacon and a chocolate stinger waffle are legit (that’s #miamese for I like it a lot).  Cadre Moses said later, that he enjoyed the bacon.  And that’s why he didn’t kill Calypso.

Free Pass just died again

5 responses, 4 Laws of The Navy & 11 item breakfast menu were critical to saving Pax from being dead.  Toxic & Cornwallis carried our weight with those items.

Land shark gives up 50lbs to YHC but had no problem carrying me on the way home.

Primetime was only slowed when carrying a 50lb sandbag on his legs while low crawling.

During the order by M’s name experience, Cadre Moses asked Etch if his wife was his boyfriend.  Her name is Randi.  Ha.

Sauce and I had a moment in the water, he had some choice words for my antics, or is that choice word?

T-claps to Fonzie for the patch design.

Jimmy O’s wife & daughter shadowed, awesome tribute to a man who is going after this accomplishment full force!

As did Friday & Springfield (who were on the IR)

Red Cedar fresh off the flu came out and took pictures for us, T-claps

Blackbeard stayed with us the whole night and provided updates to the only other people who were up from 10-4:30 in the am, T-claps

Free Pass died a lot.

While trying to memorize the Breakfast Menu, mean Cadre Bad Cop kept messing with people, I think he got Etch A Sketch with “Pancakes” at some point.

During the Welcome Party, Cadre Moses asked a couple people what defined them, I would encourage you all to comment below as to what defines you and why you are doing this, or why you did the Quarter Ruck whether or not you are doing the heavy.

Finally, It was an amazing night, many thanks to the Gnarly Goat, Moses, Freeedom & Tantrum for spending time away from their families to help us train for the event and give some others an opportunity to push themselves beyond preconceived limits.  The shadows were also encouraging to see, T-claps to M. Jimmy O and his 2.0, plus Friday & Springy who sat out to make sure they were good for 3/13/15 and last but not least Red Cedar and especially Blackbeard who stayed with us throughout the night.  Only in F3 would you see so many people sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others, on behalf of this team, thank you!



12 thoughts on “Quarter Ruck II – 1.30.15 BACKBLAST

  1. PrimeTime

    Mortimer was TL and I was ATL at first. Great BB. I’ll respond more after I read again.

    Before I sign off want to thank all of those that made this possible. This is my first CSAUP event and this was amazingly led and supported by everyone. T Claps to Gnarly Goat (who I think still owns my @$$), Moses (for a name like Moses you sure killed a lot of folks), Tantrum (you lied you said I could sway you with Guinness), and Freedom (our form is apparently worse than anyone who has ever tried any of the exercises). Especially Jolly Roger who organized this whole thing.

    T-Claps to Red Cedar and Blackbeard who braved the elements and sleep to document this for everyone.

  2. Mini Me

    Fantastic lead by Moses, Goat, Tantrum and Freeeeedddooooommmm…
    We appreciate the well thought out event! Lots of great moments with a few miserable ones too…many have said this was between a Light and Challenge #EmbraceTheSuck!

    YHC is doing this event because it is WAY outside of my comfort zone. Each year I’ve tried to raise the #CSAUP bar, 2015 bar is set WAY high! I know this team will keep me accountable and pull me through….I wouldn’t want to do this event with any other group!

    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      I think this was a great training event but also just a great event to do if you like #CSAUP.
      Mini you are right on the $, it is between a Light & Challenge. (from what I have heard of a light).

      I say I do F3 for my family. I am doing F3GRH001 because it is the Ultimate Team Event and we have the Ultimate Team. I believe great mental and spiritual growth can come from this type of training and event and I desire that for myself and my team. Already through the past 6 weeks I have developed relationships with some of you that will have made me (and I hope you) better. I expect those to last way beyond March 2015. If I get half of what I got from GRC943 I will be happy. But I expect to get double.

  3. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Great BB Jolly. Big props to the 4 Q’s. I appreciate that. As for Moses…..I will be telling Randi about what you said. Just hope your training has paid off, she is a ball buster.

    Why am I doing this and what defines me. I thought BagBoy had the perfect answer. I am a Christian! Thats what defines me also. Why am I out here. Simple, because of you guys. I came for myself, but continue to come for all of you. Thanks to Dallas, Bogey and Optimus for pushing me to believe I can do this from the beginning, when I couldnt.

    I think FreePass (Hair) just died again!

  4. Black Eyed Pea

    Thanks again Gnarly Goat, Moses, Tantrum, Blackbeard and Red Cedar for putting up with us and playing the part. Thanks Jolly for the vision as this was a great confidence boost for the 2nd year. i was impressed with the absolute commitment to each other through out the event and reinforces why do this.

    Is Fonzie working on FreePass’s Nickel Ruck patch?

  5. Gnarly Goat

    Aye. It’s an interesting thing. Each individual man is out there to become the best he can be – morally, mentally and physically – for his faith and his family. But there’s a big catch… very doubtful that ANYONE would even be out there if it weren’t for the men next to him. You’ve heard of “win/win, or no deal”?… well this seems to be “iron on iron, or no deal.”

    What a strong event. After 24 hours awake and many miles of beatdown y’all were collectively chewing up every physical and mental challenge and ruckin’ on.
    I’m proud to be a part of it.

  6. Stray

    Is it selfish that the stronger y’all get, I get because y’all come back and share…#ironsharpensiron. Don’t know, don’t care. I’m proud of you guys and we all benefit. Keep it up.

    #strayed ™

  7. Cornwallis

    Great BB Jolly! Awesome job to the 4 Cadre. This was my first #csaup event. I started training specifically for this event because I can’t make the F3GRH001 unfortunately. After last weekend I’m hooked and ready to sign up for other GORUCK events and EH others into joining.

    I’m so proud of all the men who pushed hard, kept encouraging, and made it fun. It gives me great hope for this community and our world. I also did this for my family because they’ve always been supportive if all the stupid stuff I do without questioning me.

  8. TBone_NoCo

    First thanks to the cadre and all PaX for letting me be a part of this awesome event. I had a blast! Despite being frozen from the waiste down 🙂

    I decided at first to do the heavy as a way to motivate me out of the house and get back in shape, but over the least few months it has become less about me and more about setting a good example for my kids. They don’t fully get the rigors of what we are about to do, but they do see me out and exercising and the dedication that I am trying to put forth to a goal. Along the way, I have had the pleasure to get to know some of,you better, and it has been great. As the final weeks tick down, I may not be the strongest or biggest (go smurfs!) but I hope to be able to pick some of you up when you need it most, as you will do the same for me

    That is all…for now

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