Fun at the Gym…Are you ELITE?

10 PAX braved the ice and sack of fartness.

 Warm up:

Jog through parking lot to Franklin Ave. doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke, Goose steps, lunge walk


Jog to Carolina Courts parking lot


Circle up: (Carolina Courts parking lot)

SSH x 20

Hamstring stretch

Walkouts x 5

Merkins (8 wide, 8 regular, 8 diamond)


Go inside Elite Fitness which was prearranged for our workout this morning


The Thang: (Elite Fitness)

10 stations

Sled push n pull on floor 100lbs (approx. 30 yds)

Big rope thrusts

Jump rope – 100 count

Squats on machine (135lbs) -10 reps

Power clean with half burpee – 10 reps

Bench press hold with leg ups – 10 reps

Pull ups – 10 reps

Sit ups or inverted sit ups – 10 reps

35 lb dumbbell overhead press on inclined bench – 10 reps

40lb kettlebell get ups from knees with overhead press – 10 reps


One man per station, then rotate through entire circuit.



Short Jog to Mary (Coal Train)

No time for Mary. Count off & morning prayer in COT



  1. Ten faithful Pax gathered on a gloomy, 30 degree winter morning at Coal Train for a hump day beat down at the gym.
  2. Many thanks to Philip Ritchy, owner of Elite Fitness for allowing us to use the new facility for our morning workout. Q set up ten workout stations which worked beautifully with ten Pax members and rotated to each to make a complete circuit. Very little rest between stations and planking if waiting on next station made for a most challenging morning. The two minute break between circuits was most welcome. A good sweat was had by all.
  3. Pax officially named our FNG Luke Hurlbut (Ma Bell’s son), “Captain America”. He’s one of the few “ triple hates” in the Concord F3. A welcome addition!
  4. No time for Mary since we did two complete ten station circuits at the gym.
  5. Thanks for a great workout and allowing me to lead today!


Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 01/14/15