Patty cakes with a side of KGB twists

9 pax gathered on a gloomy, cold and wet morning


  • Run towards the hospital
  • Run up the staircase
  • Circle up near the sketchy stairs
    • SSH x 20
    • Mountain climbers x 20
    • ISS x 20
  • Continue jogging (or is it a silent j?) to the Hospital parking deck
  • Partner up:
    • Each team begins the set of exercises:
      • 10 patty cake merkins (facing your partner, single count merkin – slap hands)
      • 10 LBCs
      • 10 KGB twists
    • Using separate mine shoots, begin stairwell suicides (run to the first landing – star jump, run to the top, run to the second landing – star jump back to the top, etc.
    • Rinse and repeato
  • Mosey back to ASEC
  • Mary
    • Freddie Mercs x 20
    • Brazilians x 20
    • Plank, alternate hands
    • Audible: reverse crunches, led by Indy


  • Good turnout today, considering the weather and holiday season
  • I think most pax got 3-4 full runs in
  • Parking deck stairwells resemble sauna, especially when doing stair suicides
  • Thanks to hipbone for stairwell suicides idea, I think his exact words this morning were “there are some things in life I regret… ”
  • Left stairwell had a strange smell that resembled old school bubble gum, no complaints though, I’ll take that over downtown parking deck smells