Rainy with a chance of tire flips and burpees

10 Pax including 1 FNG showed up on a wet , cold virgin Q by Riggs.
Warm Up:
Jog through ASEC parking lot doing High Knees, Butt Kickers.
Circle up: (lower parking lot)
SSH x 20
Cotton Pickers x15
Arm Circles
The Thang: (lower parking lot and middle parking lot)
Tire Flips 5 with a burpee after each flip , then 5 tire flips back with a burpee jog rest of the parking lot to main drive. Pick up sandbags and farmer carry to light pole in middle parking lot. Bear crawl to the end of middle parking lot, then crab walk back to sandbags, farmer carry back to starting point. jog back to the do tire flips and burpees.
Repeato x4
Then grab a sandbag and run around ASEC
 Mosey to Mary:
LBC’S x 20
Q asked for audible: Indy leg flutters
Cupid Brazilians x 20
Thanks to everyone that answered my questions during my first Q, it was great to lead for a first time. Skinner head locked a FNG Terry Gilmore into joining us Thanks for coming. Everyone remember the ones that are still downrange, the public safety officers ,family members who can not be with us during this time of year.
Everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!