Wet Mettle

The Pax were 3 strong at Mettle this gloom for a damp workout. Gump, posting despite an injury, led the first 15 minutes, and YHC capped off the remainder.

The Thang:

Gump Q – 10 different Exercises of 15-20 reps per exercise, followed by an increasing number of burpees after each excercise. 1, 2, 3, … 10. It was an audible to have Gump do a partial Q, so YHC didn’t write down all the exercises.

Stoli Q – mosey with KB to the playground. 30 step ups with KB on the wall, 30 KB swings, 30 pullups, repeato for 20 reps, repeato for 10 reps.


LBC x 10, low flutter x 10, low dolly x 10, squirm x 10, pretzel crunch x 10/side, mason twist x 10

The Moleskin:

1. YHC arrived at 5:27 to three unoccupied vehicles and two unoccupied KB’s. After a minute, Gump and Red Ryder come up the hill from the sports park doing a nice little warm up jog. YHC then explained the AMRAPs and running planned for the morning’s workout, however, due purely to injury and not desire or ability, YHC’s workout was vetoed and we changed it up on the fly. Still a very hard workout and nothing but great effort from the Pax. T-claps for posting in the cold, wet gloom today.

2. Great to post with Gump and Red Ryder. Some good 2nd F that I haven’t had the chance to do in a long time with them.

3. Did you know Gump is the Godfather of Highlands and all it’s breakoff groups? Lots of respect for his willingness to reach out and start Highlands and now look at how big we are?! And neverending thanks to you, Gump.

4. I wonder how those El Dorado boys would do these days at a mettle workout? #toomuchrunning

Have a great day.