UPDATE: #CSAUP PRE-BLAST: Quarter Ruck 1/30/15



Back by popular demand, NoCo presents the

Quarter Ruck II

This is an F3 NoCo CSAUP and training event for your upcoming GORUCK events.


As Dallas stated in the F3 GRH 001 PB (http://f3nation.com/2014/09/08/custom-f3-goruck-heavy-31315-raising-the-csaup-bar/) GORUCK Heavy is something you will have to train for! While F3 boot camps and rucking 15+ miles each week will prepare you, sleep deprivation and teamwork are two crucial elements to consider.  The Quarter Ruck will test both as we will work together (across regions) through the night.

When: 1/30/15 Start ~ 2200 (Expect event to last for ¼ of a GRH or 6+ hrs)

Where: Hollywood AO: Birkdale Village Theater – 16805 Birkdale Commons Pkwy, Huntersville, NC 28078 The Estate AO: AKA Richard Barry Park: 13707 Beatties Ford Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078

What: The Quarter Ruck event is designed to incorporate various elements of a GORUCK Challenge.  The Qs will clipboard and follow a typical GORUCK format to simulate the Cadre in the Challenge/Heavy. 

Who: F3 Nation, especially Pax participating in F3 GRH 001

This event will be designed and led by F3 brothers.  The Co-Qs for this event are all GRTs and have experienced multiple different GORUCK Challenges, which will offer a variety of Good Livin’.

Why: To build confidence in yourself, your gear & your team…also CSAUP.

Cost: F3 Workouts are free, and all F3ers are welcome.  However, for $10 you will receive a Fonzie designed patch and post event ACRT.

Pay Now via PayPal using the  “Send Money to Friends & Family” to worleyjoshuat@gmail.com, then comment below with your F3 Name, Region & Paid.  Deadline to sign up is 1/15/15!

Also, see quotes below from Go Ruck Heavy patch holders Dora & Friday

– “There is a difference between thriving and surviving the Heavy” – Dora

– “You need to make sure you are familiar with your gear, practice with what you will have with you during Heavy, maneuvering through equipment should become second nature.” – Friday

Gear – Use what you are planning on using for the Heavy.  This will be an opportunity to test your gear.  Also, the Qs may perform an inspection to ensure you meet GORUCK standards.  Please see this link: https://www.goruck.com/heavy#.VInQsnJOUdW for GORUCK’s packing list. Plan as if this were a GRH.

Communication – Updates will be done via this F3Nation.com post and via email/twitter once you have paid.

Questions? email Jolly Roger at worleyjoshuat@gmail.com or better yet comment below so all can see.

Extra Credit – Extra Credit is the new standard, so this is an expectation.  Quarter Ruck participants will be expected to perform a 2hr Ruck starting at 0400 on 1/30/15.  This can be done on your own, with a group, or at “The Grinder” in NoCo launching from GCC (Grace Covenant Church) in Cornelius.  After the 2hr ruck, participants will go off to work or whatever they do on Friday (except sleep) and meet at the AO for a 2200 launch.  If you are on time you are late.  The expectation is each Quarter Ruck participant will have completed the event after being awake for over 24 hours.  Sleep deprivation can do different things to different people, better to know in January then under the supervision of GORUCK Cadre in March.



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