Gloom Dial

26 degrees, calm winds with 9 PAX
Run to Mall (five pax with gravel bags)
SSH 20x
IST 20x
Cotton pickers 15
Gloom dial  with 12 stations, but really the same 6 exercises repeated twice.
1- Core Killers (is that what they’re called?) 15x
2 – Merkins 20x (4 count)
3 – Traveling lunges (15 out, 15 back)
4 – in/outs 15x
5 – Not sure of name – its a gravel bag combo of squat, curl, mil press, skull crusher and then reverse – 10x
6 – Burpies 15x
7 thru 12 repeat.
Other info –
     – pax  partnered up, although not needed in any of the stations.
     – Pax expected to alternatingly sprint/jog from station to center of dial to next station.
Run Back to ASEC for Mary (5 pax with gravel bags)
LBCs 25x
8 gritty pax showed up thaw the 26 degree morning with their pain & sweat.
Great to have mall for a playground.  Biggest gloom dial I’ve participated in.
Twice as fun when you’re not sure where the next station is – was short a couple of cone markers because 4 were stuck together.  Should have converted one of the stations into a “Separate the stuck cones” workout.
NO matter how familiar Indy is with the far side of the mall parking lot, he just has to see what’s new there (I think he found a cigar butt there one time), but the pax indulged him and took the long way home. (‘cept the Q who pulled an irish goodbye to gather up wod material and take the short track home)
So glad I have you guys to spur me on.  Thanks for the opps to bust your chops.