Fun in Circles

37 degrees and clear and beautiful as 7 PAX made a trip to McGee Park.


  • Mosey to county parking lot by Fifth Third Bank
  • Slapjacks x 15 IC
  • Imperial Stormtroopers x 15 IC
  • Mosey down Corbin to the belly of the whale (tunnel) at McGee Park

The Thang

  • Alternate 30 second Balls to the Wall and Peoples’ Chair repeato x 3
  • Mosey to first circle
  • Circuit of the circle with 1/4 Soldier Walk, 1/4 Bear Crawl, 1/4 Crab Walk, and 1/4 Lunge Walk repeato x 2
  • Mosey to second circle
  • Run 1 lap, 10 Burpees, run 1 lap, 5 Burpees, run 1 lap, 1 Burpee
  • Mosey up Greenway Hill to Mary


  • LBC’s x 30 IC


  • Exit 54 received many compliments for his manhood after his email about the in-laws.  All else shuddered in fear at the thoughts of wifely responses for a similar comment.
  • Grover had to add an extra lap after the Burpees, just because he is Grover and has a rep to uphold.
  • When we returned to Mary we found Backdraft furiously knocking out LBCs.  Someone help him come up with a way to remember – Wednesday = Coltrane-Webb.
  • We put in a little over 2.5 miles of running this morning.
  • Great effort by all.  As always a pleasure to be with the PAX.

IrishGoodbye: Slinking away early (pre-COT) from a workout without telling anybody. Popularized by @DoubleKnot and derived from his early party disappearances. When asked why he does it, he explained “at some point a man gets drunk enough that he would rather explain his mysterious disappearance than his drunken idiocy. It’s a form of Irish valor.”