Fear the Slingshot


39 degrees and Cloudy as 9 PAX enjoyed an early morning stroll


  • Mosey to Mall Parking Lot
  • SSH x 21 IC
  • Imperial Stormtroopers x 21 IC
  • Air squats x 21 IC
  • Lunge stretch
  • Arm circles

The Thang


  • Mosey to Top of Hospital Employee Parking Deck aka “The Box”
  • Bear crawl short width of The Box
  • Sprint the length of the The Box
  • Bear crawl width of The Box on opposite end
  • Sprint length of The Box back to starting point
  • Run to bottom of The Box (using ramps) and slingshot (PTO’s term) over to Visitor parking deck aka the “Meat Grinder”
  • Run to top of the “Meat Grinder”
  • Merkins x 20
  • Sprint ½ of the deck
  • Merkins x 20
  • Sprint second half of the deck
  • Head to Mary via the ramps of the “Grinder” and the long way home by the Hill


  • LBC’s x 21
  • 2 minute plank



  • Q was rusty and got off track on his counting on SSH’s so all exercises were performed to 21.  There is nothing more profound behind the number than that.
  • Hospital Visitor Deck has been dubbed the “Meat Grinder”.  The ramps are longer and a bit more steep than those in “The Box”.  I believe the name was Deertick’s idea.
  • Nails bailed on Mary – nature called.
  • We put in 2.87 miles of hill work this morning.  In my book that translates to about 4 miles of running on level ground.  Well, at least it felt like it.


Cantorre:As in “to pull”, by unassing the #Fartsack, looking out the window at the rain and jumping right back in the #Fartsack instead of #Posting. Can also mean (generally) allowing a distant self-proclaimed expert to dictate your actions locally. Jim Cantorre may be a Doppler expert, but he ain’t an expert on how much rain is too much rain.

Elvis (as in, to pull):Leaving the #PAX during a workout to find a perma or porta potty. Related but not identical to the #IrishGoodbye. (somebody pulled an Elvis today) Had to post to know.


As always, it was my privilege,