Elephant Walks, French Bull Dogs, and Spicy Gas

(Only) 6 SPEARHEADS showed up with #LIFO attitudes with the call to be strong, it was day of a number of firsts


Elephant Walk from cars to log pile ~1/6 mile

One Man-One Log

Carry you log to Hell’s Ascent

Bogey Special (Low Crawl Log Roll) up Hell’s Ascent

5 Round trips of Hell’s Ascent Packs overhead

Crawlbear up Ascent

Walkcrab up Hell’s Ascent

Carry your log back to pile

Partner up (yes, it does matter) Fireman Carry across Field- Flap Jack

Low Flutter ICx40 1st 10 ruck press, next 10 Ruck Hold, repeat

Sitting on the ground hold rucks overhead as long as possible, you vs you

Elephant Walk Back to cars


– That was my first time doing elephant walk and it sucks

– The uphill stuff sucks, rolling down the hill with your log doesn’t

– On the uphill crabwalk if you go to your back it is real tough to get it all back together “feels like being a French Bulldog”

– On Partner carries let the record show the team with the 2 heaviest dudes won…by a lot

– I had the worst gas this morning, it could peel paint

– Hope Bag Boys Moon River (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPStwD1C8-c) went well


2 thoughts on “Elephant Walks, French Bull Dogs, and Spicy Gas

  1. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Great Q this morning….once again F3 has me doing things I never would have imagined (or thought of), got to love the elephant walk. I am also calling BS on this backblast, looks WAY easier than I felt this morning and right now.

    1st thing, you werent the only 1 with gas issues this morning. I dont know who dropped bombs on Hells Accent, but I almost died.

    2nd…love the firemans carry, way to log my big a$$ around. 240 with a 35lb ruck isnt anything to laugh at.

    3rd…..thanks to Dallas for rucking with me this week, glad to have BP and BB join us this morning.

    Looking forward to killing ourselves the next couple months!

  2. Winnebago Post author

    Hells Ascent Bombs may have been me as well.

    And yes I actually felt like with you and I the firemans carry was an even match

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