Smorg o pain

44 degrees and Clear as 9 PAX played in the Gloom


  • Mosey to Mall Parking Lot
    • Imperial Storm Troops x 20 IC
    • Slap Jacks x 15 IC
    • Basic Hammie and Shoulder Stretches
  • Mosey to Top of Hospital Parking Deck

The Thang

  • 3 Stations for the PAX to play
  • Station 1 – Stairwell Suicides & V-Ups/LBCs
    • One Pax runs down to Level 2, do 1 Jump/Star Squat, back to top, repeato to each level down & back. Other Pax in group are doing V-ups and LBCs in 10 rep cycles waiting their turn. Continue until all Pax have run stairwell.
  • Station 2 – Block Merkins, Curls, Overhead Press
    • Group does 5 reps of each, rinse and repeat until pushed to next Station by Suicide bombers…I mean runners
  • Station 3 – Jog, Lunge, Sprint, Bear Crawl
    • Group runs around top of parking deck. Jog the short sides. On long sides – Lunge Walk 25% of distance, Sprint 50 % of distance, Bear Crawl 25% of distance until pushed by Block Heads.
  • Mosey to Mary


  • Box Cutters x 10 IC


Great group, great effort – everyone got one cycle at each station. Q has to continually dodge and weave to keep PAX on their toes. Skinner commented on Mosey to Mall that it looked like a body-weight WOD since I drove to ASEC….NOT – dropped toys at the deck beforehand! Nothing like hearing Cujo snarling from across the parking deck as he bear crawls. Its been a good week for Q as I celebrated my 1-year F3 anniversary….on Day 1 would have NEVER figured I’d be Qing! Thank you all for holding me accountable and motivating me to carry on in the Gloom…..have actually gotten to where I look forward to seeing ya’lls ugly mugs at 5:30 am! It is an honor and pleasure to call you all brothers.

Until next week, Hipbone