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As more and more of our PAX get on Twitter, it makes sense to do a quick F3-centric tutorial to ensure we are squeezing as much juice from the Twitter orange as possible.  Below is an iDevice centric set of instructions but it should get you close even if you do this on a PC or Android.


  1. First thing you should do is to follow our main F3 accounts: @F3MECA, @F3Highlands, @F3Tradition, @F3Harrisburg, @F3_Concord, @F3RollingStone.
    1. Click on the “connect” menu at the bottom of your Twitter App.
    2. Then type in the above twitter accounts to find them.  Then select “follow.”
  2. Then take a look at who is following those accounts and follow the individual pax members who you might want to hear from on Twitter.
    1. First click on the “Me” menu at bottom of Twitter App, then on “Following” menu to see the list of who you are following.
    2. You will see @F3MECA as an account you are following.  Click on the “followers” menu for @F3MECA to see who is following them.
    3. Then you simply click on the “follow” button next to each person you want to see tweets from.

We have a number of F3 Social Media Czars in our areas who try their best to re-tweet appropriate tweets out from the main area accounts (@F3MECA, @F3Highlands, etc…) which means at a minimum, if you are following the main area accounts, you should see much of what is going on in our F3 areas.







And here are some important level 201 details if you are interested…
Once you have done the above, anytime that someone sends out a tweet that begins with the “@” symbol (which in the Twitterverse means it is a “reply”), as long as you are following BOTH the person that sent the tweet AND the person/group mentioned after the “@” symbol, you will see the tweet.  If someone you follow sends out a tweet and DOES NOT start it with a reply AKA “@” symbol, then anyone who follows that person will see the tweet.  This is an important distinction to understand if you plan on using a single Twitter account for both work and personal use.  You may not want your co-workers seeing you tweet that you just spent 20 minutes writing a backblast at 10AM during the workday – and would rather only your followers who also follow @F3MECA to see that tweet.

If you have questions, let me know,

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