8 PAX showed for a post holiday reason for not going shopping.

Warm 0 Rama: Mosey, jog and mosey up the drive down the sidewalk and back up the drive x a couple times mixed with some side straddles left then right then back-erds.

Circle up for some:

SSH x 20

Mtn Climbers x 15

Mosey to Hamburger Hill and adjacent demolition construction site.

The Thang a lang a lang lang:

Ladder: 8 CDD’s with 8 space bear crawl then off to Hammy Hill for a sidewinder mixer back for 7 CDD’s with a 7 space bear crawl and another sidewinder of Hammy Hill…finishing with 1 CDD and 1 space bear crawl. Sidewinder starts at mogul 1 (nearest the FH) only running halfway up the hill.

Recover walk to Thing 1. Mosey to top for a slingshot. Run down deck via ramps out to Thing 2 up to top and back down to Thing 1 and up for completion.

We were close to Deertick time so we had to cut the run up to Thing 1 on the return leg off. (Grover got er done and so did Snoop).


Mary: Ain’t nary a second fer Mary.


1. Cujo kept reminding Q about work and about planning the workouts around his schedule and more typical Cujo complaining.

2. Indy and Grover will have a session on nose breathing and the effects on VO2 and more worthless techniques supposed to increase endurance. #voodoo, #avoidnosetechniqueinthepresenceofdeertick


3. Great morning to lead and a great turnout for a Saturday! Have a great rest of holiday weekend!