Thunder Road Back Blast—F3 Is Fully Alive!

0730 Many Shovel Flags were planted in the middle of Romare Bearden Park for the 10th Annual Thunder Road Marathon

71 PAX (gleaned from publicly available information)….no namerama…met for BOM, photo, and headed off to the starting line where it was cold, windy, yet sunny.

All Results are posted here:

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Some Highlights: (if your F3 name was not in the attached sheet, I didn’t shout out…(1 exception)*

Crowd Support—-Unbelievable….I heard “Go F3” and “Freeloader” 1000 times….my only suggestion to Shawshank and Cindy….”More Cowbell”…I even got a fist bump at mile 12 from one of Charlotte’s finest who said “yes! you go F3!!” I also heard from one guy who said “F3 Sucks” I know he was joking since I knew him…….FYI…he dropped out of the marathon. DNF ==> Did Not Finish or Do Not F$^% with F3? #justasking

Marathon: 16 PAX completed the entire 26.2. Material Girl took home 2nd place with a blazing 2:35:43…..for you Young Gunners, just run that first mile 26 times….5:57 pace…….T-CLAPS!! Pretty good for the 2nd best athlete in F3. #insidejoke

All of you get a special shout here for your amazing effort….26.2….In addition to MG, Metro also had Gandalf and Malko. NOCO had Evinrude and Fullmoon, Area 51 had Haggis (3:29) and Hairball. How about MECA? 6 men…Bull, Riptide, Treadstone, Shazam. Last, but certainly not least ….BOS and Chowder who no doubt pushed each other through this as they finished together. Inspiring Performances….

5K—-Egypt—straight from Armor, blew past the sub 20 minute and won the master’s category (40+) with a smoking 19:36…..must be the pumpkins…
*Graham McGoogan—I believe that this is Postfontaine’s dad…..27:19 4th place 65-69……awesome!

Half Marathon

53 men —-many PR’s set. Postfontaine 1:18:12 7th overall–only going to get faster. Award went to Stinger too!!…2nd place 40-44 age group

Many notable performances…heard about a lot of PR’s. Saw guys running together….big group in the 1:35 to 1:40 range…

Subway–shirt and all—has been trying to break 1:40 for a year. 1:38:54….

…so many great stories…guys running each other in….#horsewhispering everywhere….there is nothing better to see a person who is physically exhausted yet as happy as they can be. It makes me feel sorry for people who do not experience that. I know we call these events CSAUP…and, in the bigger part of life, they are. However, when we choose to be in the moment we are in and live it to the fullest…it all makes sense.

I encourage you to sound off with your experience. Share if it was your “first” or your “PR”…you deserve to recognized.

Special Thanks to BOS, Mini Me, Drive Thru, and Bratwurst for assisting and q’ing their respective region.

YHC has run 100’s of races….and, frankly, with much better personal results. However, I have never left an event as fulfilled as this.

Thank you Brothers!


24 thoughts on “Thunder Road Back Blast—F3 Is Fully Alive!

  1. Boy Scout

    Aye, Freeloader, great Q, great advice, great encouragement. Glad to report it was a PR day for me – I first ran the TR half two years ago when I was a couple months into F3 and thought I was in decent running shape. Saturday I managed to cut a full 7 minutes off that 2012 time, thanks to F3. It was indeed awesome seeing F3 Nation out there dominating those races, and receiving plenty of shout-outs from the sidelines even on a cold day. Special Tclaps again to the marathoners, for turning left at the stadium for your second half while the rest of us finished a couple hundred yards later.

    On to the next CSAUP!

  2. Laettner

    Strong work by so many pax. Awesome job, guys. Strength and passion in abundance. Also, teamwork: the Subway group pulled me along at 7:30s for the first six miles, setting me up for a sub-1:45 Half finish. Hit a little wall after that and started to fall out, but was super-pumped to see Subway bust through 1:40 with a push from the team. Uncle, you’ll get under 1:40 next time. I’ll be right there with you, brother. Let’s do this.

    One highlight Freeloader missed: everyone’s favorite big man, Muggsy, turned in a 1:34. That’s 7:11/mile for a man who weighs 230 pounds. And then he went out and got his VQ on at Muthaship this morning. The man is not human.

    Quick little personal story time — I’ve said before that I’m very grateful to my F3 brothers. This community has become a key part of my new life in NC in a very short time. Here’s a timeline, shared for the purpose of encouraging you and illustrating the value of what we are part of.

    * January: found out I was moving to Charlotte. If you had asked me the probability of my running a half marathon in 2014, the answer would have been “0.00”.
    * May: Ran a 12k. Ecstatic to keep the pace under 10:00/mile. #notF3strong
    * July (four months ago today): FNG workout at SharkTank (EH by Doc and Bushwood). Started working out with some great guys, got stronger through a miserable process that involved a lot of parking decks, feeling hungry and sore, dropping 20 pounds and blowing my clothing budget getting right-sized pants.
    * October: ran around a lot behind Coach Freeloader.
    * November: beyond happy to complete my first half marathon, with a sub-1:45 time thanks to the #F3effect.


  3. Mini Me

    Virgin Half marathon for me turned out awesome…turning in a 8:30 pace for 1:51 finish! Quietly, I had hopes of rolling with OBT (#HumanMetronome), but couldn’t find him in the masses-of course he was ahead of us! Big shoutout to my running buddy and accountability pal #FreePass. You kept us on time & #horsewhispering the whole way!
    Highlights included: #Strong BOM by FreeLoader, seeing my M & 2.0s at mile 10, the many F3Nation & FiA shououts along the way, rolling with #Gandalf & #Hillary, seeing the world-renowned shovelflag maker #Snoop, TCalps to #PurpleCrayon for the pat on the back (you don’t know me, but I appreciate you), blowing past #Cindy standing still!, the twitter support from my #NoCo brothers, and being a part of a group of men on a mission #F3Effects!

  4. Egypt

    Aye, Freeloader, excellent Q. You and @huncle have set a high bar for Qing this event.
    Not only is Graham McGoogan Postfontaine’s dad, we know him as F3 Lalanne. Very strong work on the 5K, with Skoal Bandit and a dude they were EH’ing in real-time.
    I can’t open your spreadsheet, but be sure it includes Y’Unz (Jeff Schmotzer) from Metro, who shaved about 10 minutes off his initial 1/2 time from the spring; and Bubba Gump (Len Clamp) who represented the Southlands.

    1. Yunz

      Yes, shaved off right around 10 minutes, although I just missed my goal. Still happy considering I had just come off a chest cold and had not run at all for a week and a half. Thanks for the encouragement from a fellow F3’er that last half mile… it really helped… and to every F3 person I’ve met, because you all have made me a better person.

  5. Good Vibrations

    I ran a PR 1:32, almost 10 minutes faster than my Corp Cup time from March of this year. And I earned my first podium finish in 12 years of racing – 3rd place M40-44. I guess SIB and Sweet Six will make you faster? Nice Q Freeloader – very encouraging and fun – and great to have all those PAX on the course both running and cheering.

  6. Subway

    Awesome Q, Freeloader. #lifecoach.

    Yes, I PRed but more importantly it was the first time @Candy clapped for me, I think.

    I may have found the keys to improving at these running things: (i) SIB, Sweet Six and Spaghetti Six/Ritchie Run, (ii) be prepared to fail and walk across the finish line in shame (did that at 2014 RaceFest), (iii) despise @Candy (and use that as motivation), and (iv) find any workout with Postfontaine, Comforter, Freeloader or Bratwurst and just continue to chase them.

    Awesome crowds, especially the F3 PAX. Very inspirational and you made a difference.

    Silent Bob – I may never do a boot camp again.

    Peace be with you,

  7. The Show

    Great day out there. I showed up with low expectations for myself for the day, but quickly realized that it wasn’t about me or my performance (hmmm, note to self and the rest of my life). I was tremendously energized by guys doing their first half, their first full, their first podium finish, their PR, etc, etc. It was fun for me to see a group of guys genuinely encourage each other (although you might ask Seakhawk, I might not have been to “encouraging” to him coming up Morehead). Great fellowship, and great Q Freeloader.

  8. Jorel

    I probably sandbagged my expected time in (had a kneecap tendon tweak around mile 9 last year) but nothing that a little bit of training ALL SUMMER LONG couldn’t cure.

    Thanks to BRR training and the Pax of NoCo, I finished under last year’s time (by about 90 seconds), but more importantly, solid 2nd F the entire journey with Ala-F’ing-Bama (who ran despite no guaranteed bourbon at the end) and Mayor Mac-N-Cheese (chicks love the homemade jersey), who pulled away after Mile 12 with an “I’m feeling this downhill” and a smile. Not bad for his second race…ever.

    T-Claps to the F3/FIA pax cheering on all runners and the fever pitch on the Providence / Queens / Sharon stretch. I think it was Providence because isn’t every road south of 277 named Providence or Queens or Sharon?

    Also, my second year pulling double duty as F3 pitchman and Taylor’s Tale advocate (the purple shirt that caused me to look like a bag of Skittles running along). Check out more at Maybe a blindfold for 2015?

  9. St. Paul

    My 2nd Thunder Road halfie. I beat last year’s time by nearly 2 1/2 minutes and hit my goal of 1:59:59 by 1 second. HA! Shout out to my #virtualcoach AP. Thanks again Brother! Great to train and run with Minneapolis on his virgin halfie & Waco on his virgin halfie #crushedit. Great Q Freeloader. Another great F3 experience in the books. Great road support by my personal family and F3 family. There were some really fast F3 guys on the course Saturday in all 3 events! Never would have guessed that the bacon smell at the Midnight Diner (Carson & Tryon) could be so awful.

  10. Waco

    It turned out to be a great day out there. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first 1/2 marathon and I had run 9 miles only 1x in my life (and that was on 11/8). Big thanks to the Brennan twins (@StPaul and @Minneapolis) whom sent me email on 10/24 saying “Waco, join us in the fun November 15th for Thunder Road.” Enjoyed the fellowship with them in our short training and during the TR. One of the best sights was seeing @Doc on the course with his 2.0.

  11. Riptide

    Great Q Freeloader! Always great to meet another finger lakes native as well as many others during the run – Malko, Snowman, Shazam, Filabuster, Tank and Treadstone – made my first full much more enjoyable and was able to come in at my stretch goal!

  12. Stinger

    Thanks for a great Q, Freeloader. Lotta fun on Saturday, although I was very fortunate that many of the 40-44yr olds I know (and saw along the course!) opted to sit this one out. Will not forget having to trail a speedo-clad Gisele for pretty much the entire race (four spots ahead of me, #scarred), as well as 45-49yr old Freeloader passing me with such great ease at some point mid-race. Thankful for Fishwrap, TML, Swamp, and Uncle for the early Sunday AM tempo runs and for being healthy exactly when I needed to be.

  13. Film Festival

    Thanks for herding the cats Freeloader….nice work. I enjoyed the couple of Wagon Wheels I managed to squeeze in – great group of guys. I might forgive Cindy for mistaking me for Egypt (I was wearing a beanie, not a Mark Knopfler headband)…we aren’t sure if I should be flattered he thought I looked like a 40 year-old, or Egypt should be insulted at being mistaken for a 50 year-old. Great to hear all the F3 shout-outs, and it was nice to see my age-band and time move in opposite directions!

  14. Hairball

    Great Q, Freeloader! Thanks for the pre-race tips too. Was definitely a helpful reminder to hold pace as the 13.1 ended and the 26.2 turned left for one more loop.

    I hit a PR of 18 minutes from my 1st marathon thanks to the Raintree hill running at Fast Twitch and BRR training in A51. Major Tclaps to Table 6 who was a pacer and pushed (and pulled) me through the last 5 miles. Dude is a beast!

    It was great seeing so many F3 brothers on the course and hearing the cheers along the way. The encouragement was real!

  15. Cindy

    After much deliberation with the ranking committee (Candy, sPindy, and John), they have decided to move Cindy to the #1 ranking in F3. It was a tough decision. Most people would think running a 2:34 marathon with hypothermia is a big deal, but this commitee doesn’t take excuses into their decision making. The committee interviewed Material Girl from his hospital bed post race and he has relegated his #1 position. He vowed to never wear his #likeavirgin shorts ever again.

    On a serious note, who runs a marathon in 2:34 with hypothermia? Pretty sure nobody has done that before. Ever. Your still #1 in my heart MG. Awesome work out there by all F3. Even though I was stuck next to @theboz ringing his VaTech cowbell the entire time, great seeing most of you pushing the envelope in that weather. That will be the last compliment I give this year.

    And no @Scrub, I was not clapping for you. There was some hot tomato right in front of you. #notsuprising Congrats on breaking that 1:40 mark for a 5k though.

    1. Subway

      Yes, @sCandy, that was a hot tomato.

      She caught us at the 2 mile mark and said “y’all look like you know what you are doing, can I just run with y’all? What pace are you running?” For the record, she lives in Atlanta, went to Wake Forest, and her grandparents live in Charlotte. For you single runners, that’s as much info as I can give you and uou will have to take it from there.

      Unfortunately, I had to leave her at the 9 mile mark #nolongtermcommitments #don’tlikeslowwomen #neverdateadeamondeacon. But I think she and @Uncle crossed the finish line together. #notajudgment-justanobservation.

      Peace be with you,

  16. Gisele

    Now that I’m finally fully thawed from my 13.1 mile #speedorun, I’ll proudly point out that this was my half marathon “PR”. I normally can’t stand running that far/long without taking a few feed-bucket and/or beer breaks along the way…so what better way to enhance the pleasure by running in less-than-underwear in sub-30 degree weather.

    Perhaps it was pure adrenaline, perhaps it was the great crowd support along the way and privilege of running alongside some of the F3 PAX at various points in the race, or perhaps it was pure fear of ending up on the local news as “that guy who tried running in a speedo in freezing temperatures but ended up failing and collapsing, frozen, in a ditch on Sharon Road” that I managed to squeeze out a PR.

    Though very simple and seemingly harmless on the surface, one of my favorite spectator quotes along the way came from one of the Southpark/Myers Park cougars…”wow, you look really cold!”…I’m sure there was no hidden meaning in her comment (#shrinkage).

    Congrats to all the F3 runners who braved the elements for the full marathon and half marathon (and if you ran the 5k, #iceupson and run farther next time…if I can, you can). Always amazes me to see the masses of F3 brothers at events like this. I’m just happy I could be the token A-hole on this day (yet somehow I’m not the one who ended up with hypothermia…go figure).

    Oh, and MG, you’re still #1 in my book.

    1. Freeloader Post author

      I saw you at the start, came over and just said “awesome”…then decided that I couldn’t get beat by the guy in the speedo….had I known you were in F3….well…no…I still wouldn’t have run with you.

      You did make one of the photo’s my family took of me.

      1. Gisele

        Congrats Freeloader, you managed not to get beat by the A-hole in the speedo … #lowexpectations

        As for the photo, I’m assuming by now you’ve already framed it and mounted on your wall?

  17. Gisele

    And speaking of #likeavirgin, I believe that was Gisele’s first ever comment on … #yourewelcome

  18. Uncle

    What a great event, again. Running with Subway of all people, a newbie Laettner, an old Critter…that was a recipe for a PR, just like I planned.

    Very impressed with Muthaship Monday crew and their times. Gandalf is a beast, 3:45 marathon with injuries, not one complaint. He is a baller. HAGGIS, damn, man looked fresh as a daisy coming by on mile 20 and 24. Nancy drew, fast.

    Timeline is strong Laettner, been great to see you come up and the ranks in f3. Seen many like you over 2 years have radical improvement from f3 and it reinvigorates me every time. Glad I am still faster than you for now.

    That was leadership all the way by @Freeloader. This is the only way we’ll have this event Q’d, with passion. It’s that kind of race for our city, had never been a part of a hometown racing event like this before the last 3 years. Great way to cap out the CSAUP schedule and take us into the holidays.

    Was surprised that ‘Shank did not give me any love as i ran by, Cindy made up for it holding up a sign that said “HUncle, you are not a #conesweeper”.

    1. Shawshank

      Uncle the cowbell was brought out for you #Lean Unfortunately I was too busy trying to keep my daughter from running out into the road at that time. She was experiencing #F3Guilt watching everyone run by knowing she had not yet run her daily laps around the coffee table…or she was trying to,escape the cowbell.

      Great work by all out there. I found myself identifying you guys by your stride from 50 yards up the road before even seeing your faces. It makes you reflect on how much time we have all worked out together over the years to be able to pick guys out from masses like that.

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