B.O.M.B 10 x 20 and a 4 mile cruise

10 of traditions finest came out for either the BOMB or a 4 mile cruise-

7 circled up for a KB beat down with a 10x 20 with a ladder burpee/CDD bonus, 3 took advantage of the 4 mile cruise.

Warm-o-rama: Mosey around parking lot with high knees, butt kicker, karaoke’s

COP – IST, CP’s, MC’s, SSH all x12, IC. arm circles and soo bigs

The Thang: 10 excercises x 20 reps with a little Burpee and Carolina Dry Dock added in for extra pain. Went a little something like this

Round 1 x 20

Round the world  + 1 burp

High pulls /2 burp

Goblet Squat  /3burp

Standing KB chest press /4burp

KB Merk 10 pr arm / 5burp

KB swing/ 5 burp

KB swing / 4burp

Lat pull / 3burp

Mason Twist / 2burp

Lawn mower pull 10 pr arm /1burp

Mosey around parking lot to recover-

Round 2 – take up the pain a bit x 20 w/ CDD’s

Squat press/2 CDD

Clean press/4 CDD

Chest press w/ flutter / 6CDD

KB Merkin one leg /8CDD

KB Swing ( one armed optional)/10 CDD

Lat pull in W position/8 CDD

Mason Twist – legs up/6CDD

Plank Pull 10Pr arm/4 CDD

KB swing/ 2 CDD

Extra credit – Clean & Press w/ 10 CDD

Mosey around pkg lot to recover

MARY – joined by our cruise brothers (most in Jillian Michaels cadence count)… this could really effect a Q’s confidence level…. if you let it!

The W, Pretzel Crunch – w leg extended, V Crunch- both count with Jillian Michaels references… they may come from women’s health, but they are gut busters– come on Dingo admit it!

Low Flutter


The CRUISE: 3 pax brothers chose to run a brisk 4 mile run – nice to see Skipper show up at KB for a Cameo appearance – always great to see you Skipper- did you get lost or did they ditch you?



Thanks for the opportunity to Q it up this morn. It feels good to get a beat down in and inflict some  pain on others as well. Grizzly – keep healing and glad you are showing us the correct way to handle those KB’s – any proper technique is appreciated!