Plankorama of gravel bags take 2


Run towards the hospital – serpentine hill 216

Run up near the sketchy stairs and down, bear crawl last flight of stairs

§ SSH x 20

§ Mountain climbers x 20

§ Merkins x 15

§ IST x 20

§ Carolina dry docks x 15

Mosey back to ASEC, grab gravel bags and run to the shelter

Begin tabata – 25 sec exercise, 10 sec rest, 5 stations

o       Overhead press w gravel bag

o       Curls w gravel bag

o       KGB twist w gravel bag

o       Side step twists w gravel bag

o       Dips w gravel bag

Repeato x4

Mosey to the pull up bars and knock out 5 pull-ups each


Mosey back to the shelter

All Pax planks

– Once a pax member drops, begin:

o       10 burpees

o       10 squats

o       10 LBCs

X9, X8, etc until last man standing drops

-       Mary

o       Bicycle kicks s x 20

o       Brazilians x 20

o       Homer to Marge

o       Hello Dolly

Dying cockroach audible led by Cupid


1. Q is very glad the rain held off, must be what scared a lot of the pax back to the fartsack

2. Nails needs WD-40 for his bed, he’ll be taking donations next time

3. Nails also wore 2 different shoes this morning

4. Holy cow is a beast when it comes to planking

5. Always an honor to lead the pax in the gloom


Until next time